Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

New Mission president


(30 June 2015)

Β  It is a very very hot day today and the past few days, I was sweating all night last night!!! so this last week… lets see…. lots happened first off on sunday we had church for hours (attending 2 wards), and then a fireside at the Kirkland Stake Center, it was president Choi’s last fireside he leaves in 2 hours to Utah and then Tokyo Japan, we have a new mission president now President Schofield! but yes so we were in a church building for about 9 hours, 6 hours of Church at 2 wards and the rest at fireside!!! LONG DAY!!! but really amazing, I got to say goodbye for now to lots of members in Kirkland. what next… well yesterday i gave my departing testimony in a special mission meeting with President Choi! and they showed a surprise slideshow+video for president and sister choi, and in it was a picture of me that I don’t exactly know how it got to them except from my mother πŸ™‚ it was a picture my companion took of me with a lightsabor.Β  it was fun and lots of other pictures of me came up and lots of good memories with them πŸ™‚ it was a sad meeting, President and Sister Choi cried, I will miss them, but I have there info so I will definitely keep in touch for a long time πŸ™‚
Β our investigators are doing well we have “D” who is awesome and ready for the gospel, we are just trying to work with his wife so she can rejoice with him πŸ™‚ and lots of investigators that we are trying to get things going with, some that we may need to drop because of a lack of contact 😦 so really members need to be involved. now why are members so important? because “out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses is established the truth of all things” so we often think that only missionaries can share the gospel, but i promise that even though you may not have the same spirit as the full time missionaries the spirit is often stronger when you bare a sincere heart felt testimony combined with us! you don’t know how strong you really are. that is why sharing the gospel is not just for missionaries for we cant do it without you, but remember you cant do it without us. “if ye are not one, ye are not mine” in the general conference of april 2002 Sister Ellen W. Smoot talked about this and said “as the kingdom of God rolls forth, we must unite our efforts in saving souls” this applies to the wards and to missions but also to both together! for this is the way that Christ will spread zion for his work is not just for non-members but refining all of us and calling us all to repent and helping us become like him, for only thru Christs atonement and the doctrine of Christ and His grace can we be saved! “after all we can do” 2 nephi 25:23. as we are united, souls are blessed including our own, the mormon messages video “lift” explains this clearly! Through our devoted service to all people and our unity we gain the inward strength to overcome trails and receive healing to our souls, for we love God first then second our neighbors. not ourselves before neighbors. as we focus on them and magnify each others talents and strengths we become one with each other and God and then Zion becomes a part of us as we build the Kingdom of God.

Β I know this church is true for I have been helped so much as i have had faith repented and renewed my baptism covenants, I know that Joseph Smith saw God, for I can feel it in my bones, I know with my heart and mind and by the power of the holy Ghost! may we all gain this testimony and know that God has a prophet today, that this prophet is to help us come unto Christ who is mighty to save. I love each of you and I love Heavenly Father for healing and for sending trials my way to help me repent and remember Him, I hope you will accept the call to come unto Christ and repent and join in on the Lords work. TO ZION!




(22 June 2015)

Β This past week was a very interesting one covering 2 wards, and sundays are really long, but you can never get enough church! I love it, in all the meeting I just have a strong testimony that God inspires his leaders to present exactly what I need to hear, every talk ever on my mission have all applied with out fail, they have always had something in it that I needed and when I needed it πŸ™‚ I love the Lord and his work… this week I really felt the spirit work thru me to help these children of God here, I could almost hear what they needed to hear from the gospel every time we taught someone. so we found only a few new investigators, but they are all very solid. It’s always interesting to see the inspired path we are on, the Lord knew long ago what would come ahead and has prepared a path for our escape, that path is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Follow him and we will be lead out of darkness, not always immediately but you will find your way out, and along the path you will find many opportunities to help others and will feel the great joys of the gospel along the way. everything happens for a reason.

Moses 5:5-6 “And he gave unto them commandments, that they should worship the Lord their God, and should offer the firstlings of their flocks, for an offering unto the Lord. And Adam was obedient unto the commandments of the Lord”, and after many days an angel of the lord appeared unto adam, saying why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the lord? and adam said unto him: i know not, save the lord commanded me.”
The Lord gives commandments, and when we cant see the path before us but take a step of faith, we are blessed.

The members of the wards are fired up and they are trying.. we had a great zone conference with president Choi, wow that was a powerful last meeting for president Choi!!! yea I will never forget that πŸ™‚ This past week has been fun we just go out and work, and my companions are just total goofs, πŸ™‚ so me and Elder Heppler have coughing and sneezing attacks that annoy elder obarr every night πŸ™‚ and yesterday i fell out of the bottom bunk, and while falling in my dream everything crashed around me so I started shouting that im stuck, and I was stuck under my bed and I heard Elder Heppler laughing at me… there is my awkward moment of the week. But im just super stoked about this week, I cant wait to just go to work and see what miracles come and to also feel the joys of the gospel, because it feels so good to help other people. Lets not think of ourselves but instead focus on those people who need the restored gospel. we have many set lessons this new week and will be teaching lots πŸ™‚ we just need to go and get those new on date so these people can progress. I want to be a disciple to Jesus Christ and help people forever return to him, I have felt too much love from God to turn back. oh my…. being in the MTC feels like yesterday!!!!!! ahhhhh too much has happened between then. TO ZION!!!

Look Up


(15 June 2015)

GOOOOD MORNING!!!!!! its has been a very interesting week in the Beaver Lake Ward! so to start, last pday my companion injured himself! 4 days later he went home for physical therapy! So I sent my second son home 😦  but something happened on day 2-3 of being stuck inside the apartment all day. At some point we feel so strongly the spirit and to sing and other times we go thru trials, I had a mighty change in my heart because of his struggles with pain, but I know that God does things for a reason, so why do we go thru trials? to progress and apply the atonement, and thru the doctrine of Christ restored to the earth, we become more and more like Christ. our friendship has grown, and so did testimonies, without the pains we cant know the joys, I invite all of you to look up when trials come, and thank God for loving you enough to cut you down, for you really only grow more, but only if you choose to rise instead of sink, we rise by our faith focused on Christ, our repentance of sins and mistakes, our living the promise of baptism and renewing weekly like Christ instituted, and receiving the Holy Ghost to comfort in trial and help us know what we must do, as you do and endure you will soon find that with full focus on the LordΒ  “you will be singing as the days go by” and will “listen and dance to the music of the gospel”. I know this is true and that God truly does love us, he lives and sent his son to die for us and he has completely changed my life, I thank all those who have helped me in my moments of need, even when I didnt realize it πŸ™‚ Never forget who you are and stay on the path, we are children of God, and the gospel has been restored by Joseph Smith, lets keep pressing forward!!!!
so now I have 2 new companions Elder Heppler and O’Barr. time to work hard, we are covering 2 areas now, Beaver Lake and Duthie Hill ward, so we have work to do, we have zone sports day today and its volleyball and basketball! lots of meetings coming up, zone conference with departing missionary testimonies on Thursday, special zone conference in a week, and meet the new mission president when President Schofield comes. we have some really solid people to work with in Beaver Lake and will do all we can for them! same with Duthie, but we are going to be finding lots of new people to help also πŸ™‚

Week 1 in a new area


(8 June 2015)

WOW its been a crazy week, we had some awesome events happen, taught a powerful spirit filled lesson to an investigator and her parents did not like it 😦 so that one may take some time. We did our weekly planning in Burger King while our car was getting fixed, got stuck in traffic going to a wedding for “J” and “M”,Β  then yesterday “J” got baptized!!!! and guess what? SO DID “J” FROM HIGHLINE SAMOAN WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baptize weekly is the goal. A new companionship is always interesting the first week, my companion is doing well, I’m grateful for the trust the Lord has placed in me to finish his training. We went to church on sunday and guess who I saw? the “H” family that moved out of my first ward a week or two after I left Sammamish, and they moved into the Beaver Lake ward, and i also saw another member family the “L’s”, they were visiting from Sammamish 2nd ward in the Beaver Lake ward!!!Β  We have some great investigators to work with if we can regain contact with them, and we hope to really get the work moving!!! One member when he first met me in this ward said “by your pants getting worn and you fitness of body, your going home soon…” guessed right.
I hope that we can all remain faithful to the Lord and remember his goodness, and as you do your testimony of the gospel will grow so much, and you will get a renewed testimony, so remember “keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land”, if we turn to the Lord in prayer (“Ask”), seek in the scriptures (“Seek”) and are faithful in doing our best (“Knock”), God will manifest the truth to us, and our testimony will grow, happiness will come, and discipleship will be strengthened.

Transfered again!


(2 June 2015)

So me and Elder Vestal both got transferred, so we both will miss “J’s” baptism this weekend, it was supposed to be last Sunday at 1, we filled the font and everything, but his family couldnt come so we rescheduled for this Saturday, thinking I would at least be here, but nope, he gets 2 new missionaries :l but thats okay. “M” wants us to baptize him too. I’m still in a car area and I’m super excited to GO TO WORK!!!
Β I’m in Beaver Lake now and where I’m emailing from is the very first library that I emailed from in Sammamish, so yeah I can see my first area right now!!!! I’m training again! he has been out for 1 transfer so this is his 2nd 6 weeks! I was released as district leader along with everyone that goes home soon, all the district leaders in the mission that are about to go home have been released and lots of us are training, because President Scofield is coming to the mission soon so President Choi wants the older ones to go hard to work and support the newer ones so we can pass on our talents and knowledge to the rising leaders! so im training my new companion Elder O’Connor to be a leader and hope to teach him everything I know. this weekend we have a wedding and a baptism and have lots of potential baptisms so its time to GO HARD!!!

Β I’m excited to go to work and baptize! people need this and I love helping them! the blessings of the restored gospel are so great. This past week before transfers we put many people on date for baptism! and had 10 people on date in the Highline Samoan ward, now we have 2 here in Beaver Lake Bellevue Stake, one this weekend and another the next and hopefully will be getting more every week after!

Time goes too fast!! a few days ago we had a cool experience, i really needed a drink so we drove to the stake center and found a guy that was with a woman who needed help, we took them on a church tour and put them both on date for baptism, they are so solid. 3 Nephi 13:28-34 says that if we truly seek the kingdom of Heaven, thru the atonement and grace of Christ, He will take care of us and what we stand in need of! I know this to be true, we need to have an eternal perspective and realize what is truly important, as we look up to heaven (3 nephi 11:3-7 “they looked steadfastly to Heaven”), by doing so i promise you will find the Lord answers you and will know what you must do, Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY! please all those who are struggling go back and read the account of the Lord coming to the Nephites and learn of Him, and you will see over time changes that only HE can give πŸ™‚ i have seen this and i know it is true for many times have i prayed and he answered immediately, experience i will share when im home. I love each of you and the Lord, and i invite all of us to look up. Missionary work (the work of salvation) is vital for all of us, for when you help others God helps you, this is our duty so please lets all remember the Lord and help His children. you will be happy, work with the missionaries. πŸ™‚

Keep it simple


(25 May 2015)

MIRACLES THIS WEEK! 6 on date for baptism “J” is super solid and might be baptized this weekend but because of stake conference he might do it this Friday or few days after. and his cousin “M”Β  is also on date for August 1st, πŸ™‚ then “T” will follow!!! and some more of their family also!!!!!!!!!Β  We found some more solid people and are starting to work with them, these past few weeks I have really seen the Book of Mormon truths change lives, bring hope and give the courage to change thru the doctrine of Christ! the church is true and i know that if we follow the Lord we will be brought to live with him again. this is the goal for us all 2 Nephi 31:17-21. so lets continue on in this great cause and help those around us thru our examples of righteous living to come unto Christ and be perfected in him.

This week is going to be a high expectations week for us and the district! and i hope you all will find out the Lords high expectations for you and then strive to do them, for blessings come from our obedience to the commandments, the lord will bless you for your faith, keep it simple and you will remain firm on the rock!

Temple trip!


(19 May 2014)

Sorry I didn’t email yesterday, we had our temple trip today so p-day was moved to today! the temple is such a special place, a place where we can truly remember the Lord! This past week was an interesting week, “J” and “T” came to church again for the 3rd time, they are hooked on it, we teach almost every day, “J” says its the church of God! they came to a baptism on friday and the mission fireside! they loved them both!!! “J” is on date for baptism for May 30th, so for the fireside we put 8 people, 6 Samoans 2 Palagis (“White-man”) into a 5 man jeep!!! the back kept hitting the back tires as we were traveling to Shoreline, i had to sit in the truck with 2 others because im the smallest one… we had miracles yesterday!! as we talked with everyone I was reminded of how the Lord will bless us with people to teach if we but open our mouths as spoken in D&C. I know the Lord will bless us as we do his will, when we put ourselves in his hands he is able to shape us!Β  All the Lord asks is our hearts, and it may be hard at times but he will guide us, may we all continually remember the Lord and his goodness, we remember him by study, prayer, fasting, obedience, and serving others like he did. pray for charity for that is the action to love.