Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

First E-Mail!

 I leave on tuesday morning at 4:30am to the salt lake airport, then I think the plane departs at 8:20, so be by awake and by the phone at around 6:30 so I can call, I bought a card that has 500 minutes on it but for every call I make even if no one answers it take 130 off as a fee, so be sure to answer right away so I dont waste any minutes so I can call from seattle and maybe someone else as well. I did P90X with my companion and he was crying because of it and kept saying that he was going to go home  (he said it jokingly), we did Ab Ripper, and now he loves it so were doing it again today, and I can email on P-days and once a week other than p-day we get on computers and do Missionary portal and do the MTC Training section so I checked my email then too. I have completed the Pre-MTC training and have to do MTC Training and in 4 days I will start in-field training with my trainer 🙂 but I hope im not in a tri-companionship again like I am in the MTC,  someones companion left on day 2 so the Branch President assigned him to me and my comp.  his name is Elder Huguley, Elder Ashby is my original Companion and is also District Leader, and im in charge of sacrament which I love doing. 🙂  and our TRC experience was horrible the investigator almost didnt let us in the first time and he shot us down everytime we tried to share the gospel with him he wouldnt listen, the second and last time we talked to him, we talked about his beliefs on Joseph Smith, and he blasted us with the bible and would keep demanding bible scriptures when we shared the book of mormon scriptures, so it didnt work well, but everything else is going really good. 🙂

Elder Chadwick


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