Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 4

We can’t have backpacks anymore, so later today a member is taking us to target to look for messenger/shoulder bags. If we don’t find any he is going to order some from amazon for us. Amazon was started in Seattle so the headquarters are up here, same with Microsoft. Almost everyone here works at Microsoft headquarters, and Costco was started here also but is out of my zone so I can’t go yet, but it is in my mission. They have a Jamba Juice in my ward bounderies. 🙂

My area is really hard no one will listen, doors get slammed in our face before we can speak, people say things about us that aren’t true, a lot of them are nice and polite but some are just plain all out rude. A lot of them are rich so not as humble. I actually realized that hispanics are really open to the message and aren’t rude at all I love them so much more than ever before.

There are Indians, people from China, England, and other places.

The members are really nice and have strong faith, I love them. They feed us every Sunday and Monday, they can’t feed us on other days unless they bring non-members over for us to teach. The last 2 sundays bishop fed us and the last 2 mondays  the Mansells fed us but have been bringing non-members over.

After 2 weeks of nothing working out we finally got success yesterday. We were tracking and knocked on a door that is a potential and they had us come in (we were surprised) and teach them and now they are investigators.

Within the next one to two weeks we will probably have 6 baptism commitments! 🙂 My zone is in the Redmond zone and in the last year it has had only 4 baptisms in the entire zone, but now after our president talked about making it the highest baptizing area in the mission and I have a dream of making this area one of the highest in the mission, Redmond zone in 1 to 2 weeks has got 5 more commitments from another missionary companionship and another 6 on the way in the next week from me and my comp.

From 2 weeks of nothing working out, hard work, lots of riding up huge hills all day on bike, and lots of faith we went from having nothing and just tracking all day to 6 potential baptism commitments made and 4 new investigators maybe 5 if it works out with one of the guys. So by the time this transfer is done there is a good chance we will have 6 baptisms.

So last week the bike coordinator got to my apartment with my bike and when he saw me he said there is a problem. He said that he was told that I was 5 ft. tall and nothing else, so he got a bike specifically for someone who is 5 ft. tall, so he is going to find someone to sell it to. I think the Lord knew this would happen so he inspired Elder Martin (the bike coordinator) to buy an extra bike (which elder Martin did). He said this bike will fit me but I just have to wait another week (until this coming Thursday) so I have been borrowing a members bike for the last 2 weeks.

By the end of 2013 we will be able to use facebook and blogs and have more internet access 🙂 a lot more effective that tracting, tracting does not work very well at all.


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