Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 7

Yeah someone sent their dogs after us, someone has threatened us with dogs if we didn’t  leave, and I was on  an exchange with my ZL and we got chased off a driveway by some random dog.

 P-days we cant hang out with other elders so we email, shop, and sit at our apartment, I made a cake the first and second week, and brownies the 3rd, so p-days are actually quite boring sometimes. Except President Choi started a mission choir today and me and elder Wood joined. The choir will perform in public and conferences, we do choir practice for an hour every p-day.

We committed someone to be baptized on September 28th.  We taught about power of commitments and then elder Wood was about to close but I stopped him and asked her to be committed and she did after 2 years of missionaries she agreed to be baptized.

 Other investigators we haven’t talked to for a week because they were sick, they are nervous about coming to church so haven’t come yet.

 The first 6 months the new mission president goes along with the previous presidents rules, so when 6 months is up president Choi will start changing and making his own rules so I might be allowed to do P90X, the Everett mission was. And tell Mary Ann that I’ll pray for her from now on.

I took pictures of the temple and my zone and district, but forgot my camera at my apartment so I can’t upload the pictures this week but will next week. I have to wait 3 months to go again, we go to the temple every other transfer so every 3 months. That’s so weird that you saw a picture before I could even send it.



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