Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 9


My bike is really good! choir is awesome! and we got a new rule in the mission, we have to run everywhere whenever we are not on bikes or in cars, we have to run door to door, contact to contact, appointment to appointment etc. Basically only in appointments and lessons can we walk, it’s hard! but keeps us focused, and in more shape. Oh and some guy yelled at us and told us to “go back to Russia” another guy said “go back to Utah” and a lot of people say “praise the Lord” or “praise Jesus” and some guy started mooing at us like a cow! it was sooo funny!!!

Sammamish is actually rated number 1 in the nation for nicest place to be! A typical day we go out until 9 pm and tract for about 6 hours cuz we cant tract after 7pm, only in Sammamish though because they made it a law, have dinner at 4ish, lunch at 11am, study at 8am,  and visit members from 7-9pm. We only get fed on Sundays and Mondays because of the rule members can’t feed us Tues-Sat unless they have a non-member there. The members thought they could feed us after 7 because then we have to stop tracting , so they started wanting to feed us EVERYDAY, and got upset when we found out from our ZL’s that we can’t do that except Sundays and Mondays, so for a week and a half we got fed everyday, right after that we had bought a lot of food, then someone had a wedding and gave us tons and tons of food.

Kassi told me about Jerry thats really good to hear he is doing better!!

I heard that Elder patterson and Garrett both got transferred up north. 😦


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