Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 10-BEARS!

23 Sep 2013

I recorded a video yesterday of comp study, I’ll try to send it, but just know we are being really goofy, and it’s labeled how NOT to have companionship study.  I’ll try to get more pictures and will send the baptism ones on next p-day.

Oh and a few days ago we saw a black bear it walked out into the road and stared at us for a few seconds and then took off running, and since it was only a cub we didn’t want to be between it and it’s momma, so we took off as fast as we could.

We have new investigators now!!! We are baptizing a Chinese lady this next Saturday, and found an 11 yr old boy that is really interested in learning more and he said he will get baptized if he finds out the book of mormon is true, his dad is less active and his mom is not a member.  We teach him again tomorrow! And then another guy that has been a potential forever finally let us in for a lesson, he has a really busy schedule so it’s hard to see him, and the family that dropped us, we set up an appointment for dinner and found out that the wife is still trying to read the book of mormon, so hopefully we will slowly get them back.

I wake up at 6:15, start personal study at 8, companion study 9-11 (2 hours) because greenies get an extra hour of comp study while being trained, lunch 11-12, then tracting from 12-4, dinner 4-5 because we can’t tract after 7, and 5-7 is prime time and they want us tracting at that time, 5-7 tracting, 7-9 visiting less actives, members, potentials, inside by 9:30 and in bed by 10:30.

Some guy the other day started yodeling at us. It hasn’t rained that much yet, it was quite sunny for a while and still is but it’s starting to get grey and dark here, the members say it will start raining a lot soon, and also start getting dark at 4:30pm because the clouds will block out the sun up until March or April. I got your package the other day, I love the recipe book and so does my comp. Thanks!


Jordan’s companion, Elder Wood… Love this pic!!!


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