Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 12 Powerful Prayer


I went on exchanges with Elder Brown in my area and we found a really solid potential. oh and don’t send snail mail to my home address send it to the mission office address, because I just found out that it is against the rules to have family and friends send mail directly to my apartment, so tell everyone to send to the mission office and it will only take one extra day for me to get it. still send letters but not directly to my address. idk why it is against the rules.

I don’t know my favorite conference talk, I liked Jeffery R. Hollands about hope, and the poem president Monson shared about the wind and the tree. you should send that to me.
and some guy started bashing Joseph Smith between Saturday morning and evening sessions, we were tracting in my D.L’s area doing a Blitz because our area was too far away, he seemed nice at first and like someone that we could get interested but then he started bashing Joseph Smith saying he is a false prophet, so we walked away, and went back to conference. I know it is true, and I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet called of God and that he translated the Book of Mormon, and that it is a true record of Gods dealings in ancient America.

The baptism was great, the spirit was strong. The 12 year old boy  came to church last week and we are teaching him again on Tuesday, he is set to be baptized on OCT 26 but we might push it back 2 weeks because they are busy so we haven’t taught very much. I’m doing good just get rained on quite a bit, except yesterday and Saturday it was clear sky with sunshine 🙂 transfers are in 2 weeks on the 22nd of OCT so I will get a new comp then 😦

Jamba Juice is so good!!!! but I only went one time 😦 thats good to hear about the sugar 🙂 but for me my diet died 😦  I made 2 cakes 2 brownies, no bake cookies. I still eat healthy foods and no fast food or soda or super fat nasty food,  The MTC Destroyed my sugar free diet and now I have to stop eating it again.

send me the conference ensign when it comes out…

We gave the chinese guy named “M” a church tour and he loved it, right when we got to the church building we had an opening prayer and he didn’t know what prayer was but started to describe the Holy Ghost before we could even teach him about the Holy Ghost!!! as we where giving him the tour, we where teaching about the restoration as we went to each room, it worked out quite well especially with the pictures in each room. when we where in the primary room we taught about what happens in there and then taught about Joseph Smiths first prayer, the Book of Mormon and how can we know, we gave him a chinese Book of Mormon and taught about prayer some more, then he wanted to pray about it right there with us without us having to invite him to, so he did and it was his first prayer and was really powerful, we then taught him in the chapel and what goes on in there and the importance of sacrament. he wants to learn more, but his wife is rejective of religion so it will take some time for her, so he is going to meet with us at the church for the lessons instead of at home, but we are encouraging him to let his wife know about his desire to learn more, so that we don’t put stress on his family, and also expressed the importance of family. it was AWESOME.
We then went to another Chinese guys house that is a potential and when he opened the door he asked for the church address and said that he is going to show up at church next week with his wife. My entire zone is getting chinese baptisms and investigators!!!! pretty soon we will have a Chinese branch here.

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