Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(28 Oct. 2013)

Over here the bishop is calling all the missionary moms in the ward with missionaries out to be ward missionaries, and they still keep their other callings.

My new comp is awesome, this last week we found 2 new investigators and around 6 potentials. It’s fun to work with him; a few days ago we went to knock on a door and didn’t realize it said “No soliciting” (there is a law here that us missionaries and everyone else can’t knock doors after 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends, and we can’t knock doors at all that have “No soliciting” signs unless they are members or we know them),  so I realized it said “No soliciting” after my comp had already knocked, so I told him, and then we took off running for our lives because we could get fined or in a lot of trouble. We basically doorbell ditched someone as missionaries, accidentally of course.

I’ll send pics next week, we have been really busy so I haven’t taken any yet of my comp and I. This is a pic me and elder Pfister (zone leader) took on exchanges.

President Choi’s advice is that whenever you get discouraged, sing! One of the songs that he and sister Choi have us sing when we get tired, discouraged, etc is:

“Sing sing sing, I like to sing I like to sing a song, sing sing sing

Knock knock knock, I like to knock, I like to knock on doors, knock knock knock

Sleep sleep sleep, no need to sleep, no need to sleep out here, sleep sleep

Run run run, I love to run, I love to run all day, run run run”.

President and sister Choi are sooooo FUNNY! They are always making us laugh and cracking jokes! Oh and some mission lingo, when you train a new missionary he is then referred to as your son and your trainer is your father.  Sister Choi also calls us her babies, because when we got here they said for the next 2 years president Choi is like a father to us and sister Choi a mother. Elder Garriss is referred to as my “greenie braker” because he is my next companion after I was trained.

The 12 year old is getting harder, he really wants to meet with us again, he loves us, but his dad is ignoring us when we try to schedule a time to meet with them, so we want to get his dad active, and give his mom the lessons, and then hopefully he can get baptized by his newly activated dad. 🙂

I got the package. On transfer day my ride, which was my district leader, told me he grabbed it before I could so we wouldn’t forget it.  That picture you sent is AWESOME!!!


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