Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 18 Poor Raccoon! :(

(18 Nov. 2013)

I love Sammamish the people are way nice usually. There are tons of trees!!!!! I have only driven through Seattle a couple of times but I love it there. Elder Garriss and I get along quite well, we teach well together and I have learned a lot from him.

Choir was cancelled last week because it took too much time. President Choi, after reading my letter to him about how prayer and singing helped open hearts, out loud to the mission, he cried and decided we have learned the lesson we needed to learn, and we can use what we learned in proselyting, so we no longer go to choir practice, so we get to email earlier again!!! (he didn’t mention my name but he read my letter and it made him cry!)

So this last week has been great, we got “M” to be an investigator and he is golden and we have 3 other goldens as well that we found this week while tracting, and will be be teaching them in the coming week!!!! I’m super excited to teach them!!!! 4 new investigators this week totaling in the last 2-3 weeks to something like 16 new investigators!!!!! During this last week I witnessed a racoon get slaughtered on the road. 😦 I was riding up a hill, elder Garriss was a little ways behind me and I saw a car coming, then a racoon started to cross the street and the car hit the animal and the animal spun around and it’s legs were broken, and so was it’s neck, it was suffering and squirming around on the road, then it started to slow down and twitched to a stop. 😦 By this time elder Garriss was by me and he didn’t see it get hit, but we both watched helplessly as the racoon bled out and died right in front of us 😦 and people just kept driving by even the person that hit it! So that was how this last week went not too much happened. We had a lesson with 6 teenaged girls at once, they were referrals from a teenage member, they were all different religions but they really liked what we taught and we are waiting to see if any of them want to learn more!!! I’m super excited about the work coming along but I feel that in 2 weeks when transfers come that I could get transfered out of Sammamish right as it’s starting to grow a lot, but if that’s the Lords will then I will accept. 🙂


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