Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!


(25 Nov. 2013)

Yes he read my letter to all the missionaries all 230ish of them, he said that that is a demonstration of true faith, and he cried while reading it. President Choi a month or so ago confirmed that we are getting IPADS next year for the missionary companionships, still no facebook yet but most likely before ipads…

We just got word that for thanksgiving we can go to a members house for 2 hours and in the morning we combine with the Bellevue stake and are having a turkey bowl and get to wear p-day clothes! They let up on the rules of missionaries hanging out with each other and playing sports together for a day and hopefully it stays that way.

It didn’t snow, there was frost and ice and when we went out and started working it was 30 degrees!!!! Don’t worry about the hills or the bike I’m going to be okay! If it’s too bad we are going to walk or get a youth to come with us for a day. We have had sun all week and it’s cold still really really cold, but I ordered thermal garments to stay warm, but it has been sunny and nice.

Did you tell Eric to email me??? He better email me! Tell brother Lewis to email me! And tell Dyamond to email me!!!!

Transfers are in one week next tuesday, temple trip was suppose to be this transfer but they moved it to next month December.

We got “M” to commit to be baptized on the 21 of Dec!!!! But then the next day (last friday) he dropped us and we lost contact with him. we’ve been working with him for a while and it makes me so sad to see him stop. 😦

Could you send me a picture of the family like at thanksgiving with a lot of family in it? and send it in the mail as an actual picture, I’m putting together a photo album and need pictures, and send pics of us at the temple, the actual photos and not printed or emailed.  Tell the family happy turkey day!


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