Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 21

(10 Dec. 2013)

 We are going to sing with the sister missionaries next week at Safeway (grocery store), we will sing carols and hand out candy canes and invite people to the live Christmas nativity, and to church on the 22nd!!! It’s going to be really fun!

 We are also trying to think outside the box and do new things to find, teach baptize people. We wear santa hats everywhere now too. We have been trying to sing at doors but not many people have been answering. 😦

Yeah my coat can keep me warm I just have to layer up because the humidity will pierce my clothes 😦 but I have thermal garments so I stay a lot warmer now, but it’s still cold.  We were out doing service from 8am to 4pm and it was 13 degrees!!! Did it snow in St. George?

My camera lens won’t open for some reason, so a member is going to look at it and try to figure it out, I can still get to my pictures and turn it on, but can’t take any pictures right now because it doesn’t open. I will try to get someone to get a picture and send it.

 One thing I learned this week is to not ignore the small things, but to embrace them.


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