Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 24

(30 Dec 2013)
transfers are in 2 weeks we are starting today week 5 of 6.

Christmas was really good, great food, played ping pong and got owned at it 🙂 not to much happened that day, I’m going in to target today to see if I can get my camera fixed, if not I will check the prices. we went once to jimmy johns so we still have money on the cards to get more! 🙂 so last week was not too great, with Christmas it got really hard no one wanted to talk they are all busy, and tell us to come back in january 😦 we did have a really good experience though, so we went on exchanges and I was in Novelty Hill with the D.L (district leader) and I learned some new things from him, and for companionship study he was training me to be a District Leader!!!! later that night the plans Elder Garriss planned for there were some open spots that fell though, so I felt really strongly that we needed to see the chinese man that came to church 2 times, but didnt want anything to do with us[missionaries], and so we did and he let us in and was really excited to see us, he is starting to remodel his kitchen so we referred him to Brother Bean in the ward, and he was glad and said that he trusts him because it came from us and he started to open up more and said when he gets more time maybe he will sit down with us, we then offered a prayer but he didnt know what it was so we taught it to him and I prayed and he looked different afterwards! :’)

after the new year it will pick up, “M” is still out of contact, they are not ready for me but will be for someone else after me. 🙂
im about to hit my 6 month mark in 2 weeks! 🙂

Elder Chadwick


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