Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

25 Weeks

(6 Jan. 2014)

This past week has been better, it is still hard with the holidays but we are working hard and found 2 new investigators. We had interviews and a special New Years conference where President Choi talked about high expectations, and in the interviews he set specific goals for each missionary for how many baptisms each of us can get, mine is 77 by the end of my mission! He also talked about baptizing every week and raising our vision to the Lords vision. As long as we work hard and give it our all we can and will find miracles. And if we don’t reach our goals as long as we look back and are able to say we did all we could then the Lord is happy with us. 🙂 we are all working hard to do this and we will se success in what ever form it may come in 🙂 transfers are in a week so we will see if I leave or stay. still no contact with “M” but we did talk to “D”, the guy that surprised us at church and he is slowly getting closer to taking the lessons 🙂 “A” my recent convert is doing really well, her prays have greatly changed and so has she. and she has already started to want to share the gospel with others 🙂 the atonement really does change lives it really does apply to everyone and i promise all of you that even as members it will shape us into better people, and heal our weak areas if we allow it to 🙂 in Mosiah 18 Alma the elder teaches the people repentance and ends up baptizing 205 souls, his son Alma the Younger in the book of Alma, had a complete life change, he went around and tried to destroy the church but because of the Atonement of Love of the lord for each and everyone of us it change his life and he became one of the great prophets of all time, he suffered alot but was given eternal life for his faithfulness and diligence. my pray to all of you who read this is that you wont forget the Savior and that you will all feel the WONDERFUL POWER of the ATONEMENT work in your life, dont let doubt stop you from becoming what each of us are meant to become, sons and daughters of a loving, merciful father in heaven, we can become like him and will if we are obedient to his commands and follow and continue to renew our covanents with him each week and for the rest of our lives.

this is my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I know that Jesus is the Christ and that this is his true Gospel for it has changed me and the people I have served with just as it has for the people of old in the bible and book of mormon. I promise you all that this church is true and even though times get rough you can overcome them with faith in the lord. Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and so is Joseph Smith, this is his true Church and I am greatful to be serving along side the lord in his vineyard and cant wait to continue to serve by all of you when I return home, the Book of Mormon is true and I encourage all of you to read and re read the book of mormon again and again for you will always be reassured of its truth and it will tell us all things that we should do ( Feast upon the words of Christ) 2 Nephi 32:3

May the Lord Bless you and have a wonderful new year, I love you all


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