Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 27 – New Area

(20 Jan. 2014)

Good Morning! Everyone who reads this!
This past week has been a new week in Seattle, I’m in a new area, the people here are all poverty stricken and no one has cars 😦 not even us, we walk and ride the buses and sometimes bike! but the people here are more willing to listen to us 🙂 there are some really interesting people here. 🙂 I love the area… so far. It’s a good place and a huge area, so big that my ward has 3 sets of missionaries, me and my comp, another set of Elders that live in the apartment next to us, and senior sisters. I really like having more elders cause we can actually talk to them and run into each other everywhere, its fun!!! we get to tract longer and talk to lots of people every day!!!!
 I am Senior Companion to an MTC roommate and it is awesome, he is a great missionary and we work very well together 🙂 I cant wait to help the people in this area, I know that there are people here waiting for us to find them and I cant wait till I do, as long as we follow the spirit we will find them, even if we dont baptize this transfer at least I can say I worked hard and maybe touched someones life 🙂
Ipads we will get this year, Facebook I dont know, president Choi said he will accept the use of it when it gets to this mission.
 p.s. I love the books, and yes I say lets GO GO GO GO GO GO GO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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