Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Street Contacting Fun!


Elder Griffiths


On exchanges: Elder Groogitsky (district leaders companion), and Elder Chadwick

(27 Jan. 2014)


It is a wonderful day to be here on earth, for what a great blessing it is to be apart of this wonderful work of salvation I love it, but anywho…

This last week has been great we found 4 new investigators, didn’t have any lessons for they all fell through, we planned them but people were busy 😦 that’s alright we are working hard, and by the end of this transfer we have a goal of 6 baptisms, so we are working hard for that, the people here are nice and will talk with us, it is kind of awkward sometimes but that’s okay, we have fun and still have the spirit, Street contacting in this area is interesting because we run into people everywhere, some crazy drunk guys that we don’t understand, and people that are really fun to talk to,  🙂 I really don’t like the smell of weed though it is nasty! so a fun day on Saturday, a cop car was chasing someone around the area and there was a police helicopter circling the place, and cops on the buses, someone is wanted!!!! so this area is fun and scary at the same time, but the people don’t mind us missionaries! I offered to give a talk in sacrament yesterday and it was a very spiritual experience, as I spoke about the Joy The Gospel brings I felt the spirit so overwhelmingly strong and it was so good to feel that, the power that is with missionaries is outstanding, and when used can bless everyone around and help people really change to become better people! I know this church is true for I have felt it as a missionary and there is no denying what I have felt, I have seen a life change because of the gospel and cant wait to help more people, in whatever way the are in need of it 🙂

People here are really nice, they are more humble then in Sammamish and don’t just slam the door. yes they feed us, we have a tongan family that is feeding us next Monday so I’m going to fast because Elder Griffiths said they will keep feeding us. Being senior comp is a learning experience, fun, but not much different then being a junior, I just feel I receive a lot more inspiration lately. The other missionaries in the ward are me & Elder Griffiths ( been out 5 transfers) Elder Kendall (4th transfer) & Elder Anderson (3rd transfer out), Sister Carter & Sister Frame (Senior Sisters).

  Get me Dyamonds email!  and get me Eric’s also I will email them 🙂
So some drunk guy comes up to us and starts talking but we didnt understand a word he said, then we prayed with him and he prayed then walked away! it was strange this was 2 days ago. we also were walking and 2 black guys come up and stop us and start asking us about us, they said they have been lost and want to change their lives, so we taught them about the B of M and they started to understand it, and one of them opened the book and started reading and pointed out to the other that “This is some good stuff right here” they are reading hopefully, we have tried to visit them but havent been able to get in to see them.  and we found 2 others tracting and they have talked with missionaries before, and they were really interested in coming to church, they didnt show up, but we are going to go over and try to teach them and put them on date to be baptized!!!!!!! so that is our investigator report.

The ward has not very many youth but that is ok because it is still a really strong ward! the days here go by really fast I dont like it, we also ride the bus a lot and today we are going to Seattle to take pictures so next week I will have some more 🙂

  I’m trying to get a Super Bowl Shirt or something today!!!!  Seattle Seahawks will be my football team after my mission!! 🙂



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