Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 29


(3 Feb 2014)

 Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEAHAWKS won the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my new team when I get home, it was crazy here people were burning out in there cars for like 5 minutes straight, we went to the bathroom in the hotel next to our apartment and 2 drunk guys came in and started talking to us but we didnt understand a word they were saying, there where fireworks going off everywhere, right above us too we started to think we were in iraq or something, it sounded like explosions like an attack or something 🙂 lots of weird people all night! so this last week was alright we found a new family to teach “O” and her son “W” he was in a really bad accident to the point that he cant speak and is completely deformed on the face because of fire, it is really sad, but we set up a time to meet with “O”, she is Barmese and we have a new convert of a year that is Barmese that we have been bringing to the lessons for fellowshiping and so we are going to bring them unto christ into the waters of Baptism 🙂 we also have another Barmese Part Member Family that we are hoping we can work with the mom is a member Less active though, but she has 4 kids all over the age of 8 living with her and her husband so if we can get them plus the other 2 we will Baptize 7 Barmese people, we are praying for all of them and the lord has placed them in our path for a reason! maybe we can help them 🙂 the rest of the week was alright we were not able to go to lincon  park but maybe next week not today because we have a zone sports activity which is rare because we arent allowed to hang out with other missionaries so this will be fun.
The Church is true and will bring us the greatest source of Happiness, I know it can bless everyones lives, and my hope is that all of you will find at least 1 person to share it with whether it be by example of how it has blessed your life or by telling them in some way.
 Oh and this last week we were knocking an apartment complex and a guy got mad, when he closed the door he said to his huge dogs “Good Boys, Go Get them”. we walked down stairs a few floors knocked another door then he came out with his dog and so we hid under the stairs.

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