Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Learning from the Spirit


(10 Feb. 2014)

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week has been a good week, we found 3 really solid investigators and received many revelations on how to work better, so Elder Seppi (zone Leader) filled the baptismal font and said that it was for a miracle baptism for whoever could find someone to be baptized that night, so I prayed mightily to know where to go, I did so about 4 times, then we rushed over to “T” an investigator that could be baptized right now but her husband wont allow, I then got the feeling they wouldnt answer and to knock the door right next to them, so when they didnt answer I did as I felt and the guy next to her answered and immediately let us in and we started teaching him, he is interested and requested a spanish Book of Mormon and so we are probably going to hand him off to the spanish Elders. that is hard for me I was wondering why do I always have to find super solid referrals and not golden baptisms, then the thought came to mind that the lord wasnt leading us to an immediate baptism he was trying to teach me how to work. I looked back and realized that my mighty prayers and diligence in going over to “T” and other to proclaim the gospel and help them make commitments brought about this miracle, sure it wasnt our baptism but it is a wonderful miracle for spanish elders and I know when we sow good seeds we will also harvest good seeds, so the Lord wants me to be diligent always no matter what and he will place people in our path that need us,  I know we will see many miracles, I will work my hardest to get the members involved in the work of salvation, and we will be diligent in all and exactly obedient always, and miracles will come maybe not to me in this area but to future missionaries they will harvest the seeds we plant, I pray and hope I will be the means of bringing some soul unto Christ through the waters of baptism, that I may be an instrument in the Lords hands.

This week we also ran into a guy with the asimually of Abraham tatooed onto his back, and he said he has a soft spot for us missionaries and would join the church but said he loves doing drugs too much. 😦  It snowed here again yesterday and church got cancelled 😦   so we went out to try and teach our investigators and potentials but had little success, we should have taught the members, lately I have been feeling really strongly about helping the members with there member missionary work, so we are going to start that and help them feel the wonderful spirit that comes from sharing this gospel in many different ways that have been given to us (facebook, being friends, serving someone everyday) I encourage all of those who read this to try to find one person every day to do some act of kindness and you and them will feel amazing from it and maybe you will make another new best friend from it 🙂

 I love this gospel and know it is true, serving others will bring wonderful blessings to you, for the Lord even commands us to love our neighbors and what is a better way to show them that love then by serving them and helping them come closer to Christ 🙂 the Lord loves all of you and if you will just pray to him in all your doings he will guide you in all that you do. I promise you this. peace be unto thy soul, for “this is his work and his glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men” (and women)
  Transfers are in 2 weeks, this transfer went by way too fast 😦 I try to use the book they have given me some good ideas but I dont have a lot of time to read them. tell Mary Ann I still pray for her.
the mission is awesome, of course I love it. I felt really strongly about part member families and inactives too so we are doing that as well, every member knows someone that is being prepared for the gospel, they just need to recognize them.

May God always be with you


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