Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

7 months in the field!!


Flight Museum


(17 Feb. 2014)

Goood Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this past week has been an amazing time! We went to the flight museum last pday, next week I will send more pictures.
we found 5 new investigators and put 3 on date to be baptized on march 15th in just 2 days!!!!!!  We went on exchanges on wednesday, i went with Elder Seppi (Zone Leader) and my companion stayed in SeaTac with Elder Pfister (my last zone leader, that got transferred and is companion to Elder seppi not a zone leader anymore). I learned a lot about becoming a good leader and working hard from Elder Seppi and took it back to elder Griffiths, and started talking to everyone we see on the street, i have found so much joy and fun talking to everyone and have seen great success, It makes me feel successful when my companion is doing well and we are seeing miracles 🙂 Elder Seppi also by his example, gave me a great motivation to want to help other missionaries be the best they can be and find success, maybe someday i will be able too. the lord is blessing us and the work is beginning to pick up again and i know we will find  success, transfers are next week and Elder Griffiths is probably leaving. I wake up every morning with a desire to go out and talk to everyone, i may not be great at it but i will grow with the Lords Help that all i need, he has done all of this for us anyways. Miracles really do happen, and the Lord is really involved in his work.
The burmese family is doing alright still learning, we are going over again tonight or tomorrow they weren’t there the last time and it snowed the time before that so we couldn’t make it there and we don’t have a car so we would just walk because it was a sunday and church was cancelled, and we don’t take the buses on sundays.

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