Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 32, Transfers




Downtown Bellevue


Mt Rainier



(25 Feb. 2014)

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I got your package, thanks!!!! Transfers today and I got a new companion, Elder Gorner, he’s from Canada!! I dont know anything else about him yet, no pictures yet,  I’m senior companion once again… and Elder Garriss whom I was companions with before Elder Griffiths, is serving in SeaTac with me now, he is in my ward (SeaTac B) im in SeaTac A there are 2 sets of missionaries in the ward. This transfer is going to be fun! I have a new district leader! Elder Webb, he was in my zone last transfer, and he also reminds me of my cousin Derek, looks like him (kind of) short like him, its weird. and I guess I got Elder Garriss addicted to oreos when I left, because I used to eat them all the time, now he just told me he is addicted.
This last week has been a good week with lots of success, we found a family, that were formers and left for vacation and so the missionaries dropped them, but they said they really want to come to church and so we came back and brought a member fellowship for them, they really opened up with the members there, we didnt get to teach but set up a time tonight to meet with them and the members!  🙂

We also found a new investigator named “B”, I was on an exchange with my district leader, Elder Searing, who changed now because of transfers, so we tracted into him and when he opened the door he told us that he believes in “Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates” he asked us how he can get a Book of Mormon, so we gave him one and set up a time to meet with him on Saturday!  I cant wait to find more and see these people be baptized.  people are being prepared to hear the gospel we just have to find them 🙂


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