Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 37 Charity

(31 Mar. 2014)

This week has been a great week! this next week we are having a district competition that will last the entire week and here is the scoring
Contact=1 point
Other Lesson=5
New Investigator=10
Church tour Set up= 10 and if it goes through that day it will be 15
Baptized and Confirmed=100

the entire district is doing it starting today, and so are the Zone Leaders! so we have to talk to everyone we see 🙂 which I love doing but more importantly to teach everyone we see!!!!!!!!!!

transfers are next week so i wont write again until next tuesday!
 This week we met with “B” and he has been taught everything, comes to church and is almost ready for baptism, he said he has found the true church. the rest of the week has been good, we met some interesting people, and a mean former, that played us, he told us that he wants to go on a church tour and then when we called 20 minutes before to pick him up, he answered and then hung up, then did it 2 more times. we also met a 18 yr old kid on the street who is less active and wants to go back to church, he has had a lot of trials, good kid.
Kalli will do a great job! tell her she better Email me, and get me her email, in case it is different then usual. some peoples are because of same names. the weather is cloudy but getting sunny a lot and warming up!!!!!! i love the sun, the rain gets annoying 🙂
yes there is a subway everywhere I go. and you need to try Jimmy Johns it is so GOOOOOOOOOOD! neither of us really eat McDonalds or wendys, Ect…… but we do eat subway and Jimmy johns, and restaurants but not really any other fast foods.
Elder Gorner  told me during Comp Inventory that because of my obedience he finds joy in being obedient, I know there are people here who need to hear from both of us, even if im not around when they get baptized at least I can be an instrument in the Lords hands. I encourage all of you to pray for opportunities to be an instrument in the Lords hands, and he will place things in your paths that you can do to help move forward the work of salvation, it will not stop for you, take the opportunities that come your way as soon as you see them, then you will see the MIRACLES that follow. 🙂  Pray for charity, the pure love of Christ, because without charity for our brothers and sisters we CANNOT help them. they are our brothers and sisters and need us, what would you do if you found out that your earthly sibbling had fallen away? you would want to teach them and help them come back, right? Yes we all would!  when i go out and  “teach to EVERYONE”, some situations have broken my heart, but this is also nessecary, for how can we rebuild a heart full of love and softness, and all the Christlike attributes if our heart is HARD? it must break 😦  then will you be able to rebuild a christlike heart, then will Heavenly Father be able to grant you  more abundance then you could ever imagine, charity for everyone, then will we be true followers of Christ and then we will be able to withstand all the darts of the adversary, and be able to best help others come unto Christ.  “we must clean our inward vessels, before the outward can be cleansed” we ourselves must be converted before we can help others.  🙂
you are all great people keep up the amazing work!
P.S. Sorry for my bad writing for im not strong in writing or spelling, but the lord has my back, so I will be okay 🙂
Love you momma bear


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