Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(8 Apr. 2014)

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week has been a fantastic week of miracles, and so we had our district contest and we ended up finding 11 new investigators, and didnt want to win the contest, we wanted the Burien B sisters to win, but we were not going to just stop, so we went out and truly felt a charity for everyone and tried to help them come unto Christ and the Lord placed people in our paths, we have 4 people on date to be baptized in May, and the other new investigators are solid! 🙂 Miracles happened, because we did what we were supposed to. I love the Lord and his gospel it can bless lives. it has changed many lives!
so you’re all probably wonder about transfers, im staying here with Elder Gorner so nothing has changed this transfer just back to work. im so glad that im still here because “B” is being interviewed for baptism on wednesday!!! and we have found some very good investigators! 🙂 the ward is great!

and now for General Conference… it was really good those two days we stayed at the stake center all day to listen to it, then the tongans fed all the missionaries lunch. conference was really good, i got a lot of good notes from it, some good info on how i can be better! our investigator was going to come but bailed on us the morning of 😦

Now for the fun. so this week i used the stove and accidentally left it on so E. Gorner put a ceramic plate on it and then a few minutes later it blew up. and scared us because it was super loud! then we also were tracting and saw a guy running away from the cops he jump up to get on a fence and got tazed and went limp on the fence, then got up and ran before they could get there! we got questioned but we left that area right away! we also so two massive dogs, they came flying out of someones house, right after someone shouted “ELDERS!!!” they came and ran right past us then stopped and turned into someones yard and destroyed things we heard things break, they wrecked the back yard!  so thats all for this week 🙂

Now time for the testimony, this last week has been great, 🙂 and i know that with charity all things are possible because when we truly love our brothers and sisters they recognize it and it helps them feel the spirit, this is Christ true church something i got from conference is when president Monson quoted Joseph Smith, with out a shadow of a doubt i know he is the Lords servant, I encourage all of you to keep working hard, and dont let pride come in, it truly can destroy, just like the Nephites, pride destroyed them, their love for the world more than their love for God caused satan to get a hold on them and dragged them into bondage and then completely blinding them to Gods guidance, thus causing them to be wiped out by the Lamanites. as we let go of pride and truly serve God, and humble ourselves, we can truly see miracles come forth among us. DONT boast in yourselves, for we are nothing without God, and everything we have and are is from him! always remember that, and always remember who we are 🙂 Children of an Eternal Father!  l Iove you all and hope for the best, this is my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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