Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


“Happy Birthday” from the sister missionaries.


Surprise!! Happy Birthday!


The Samoan sisters idea!

(21 April 2014)

Weekly Report: Not a bad week this week, we found a new family!!!! the “T” family, very nice, wants to gain more knowledge and said they would read the Book of Mormon!!!!! We brought a member so they got the member fellowship, and set up a time to meet them again tonight, 🙂 this is exciting! For Easter we went out and did what Christ did, taught people about the resurrection.
  This past week nothing else really happened, I did slip in the mud and did a funny dance and I almost caught my self from falling but didnt make it and splashed E. Gorner! I had a great surprise from the ward mission leader (from my mom calling him and setting it up), I was not expecting that, but I really liked it! I love the cupcakes they taste super good! 🙂 it was AWESOME. Thanks everyone that wrote me I really appreciate it! The sister missionaries made me wear an awkward costume while they took pictures! I did get all my packages, and Matts! I really loved them.

  Still no Facebook or Ipads. Now I just want to say the Book of Mormon is true. I finished it again today and every time I read it i get new information out of it, and i keep getting the confirmation that it is true when i follow Moroni’s promise in Moroni 10:3-5, i encourage everyone to read and ponder it in their hearts with a real desire to know, and be truly willing to act on the messages from the Lord to align your will with Gods, then pray and ask God the Eternal Father and you will know just like the prophets of old, just like me that this is the word of God and His true church on the earth. i promise because i have done it myself, you may be able to say others can believe what they want but you cant say that my testimony is wrong, for it is mine. Do like Alma the Younger taught in Alma 30, plant the seed in your heart and “dont cast it aside because of unbelief” but experiment on it for you wont be judged for reading a wrong book! but as you do what Alma told us and nourish it, as soon as you see the seed begin to grow, you will know it is a good seed, you may not know all at once, but as you continue to nourish it by reading the Book of Mormon, keeping the commandments and going to church, and praying and asking God (CPR: Church, Pray, Read), your seed will turn into a BEAUTIFUL tree. and the fruits thereof will be great! and if the fruits are good, then the tree is good, and if the tree is good then this is Christ’, true Church and Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet, for it is said “by their fruits ye shall know them,” and if you look at the fruits of the gospel you will see that it is good. “a bad tree cant bring forth good fruit”. this is how we can know by experimenting, How can we know if the cake is good by just looking at it? we must take a piece and eat it. I promise that anyone can come to know that the fruit is good (the church is true) and then your desire to share this with the world will grow, as members we are called to serve God and his children for the rest of our lives! This means home teaching and visiting teaching, making friends and serving none members in any way, being an example at all times! these are ways we can be member missionaries, and also by supporting the Full-time missionaries. for we are supposed to hold up the light of the world. I promise as you serve God you will find the greatest source of happiness and peace, and your love for the Lord and our brothers and sisters will grow! I know this is His church and im grateful to be a part of it, i love you all and I’m pleased to hear about your successes as member missionaries, and who’s lives you touch! 🙂 Go forward, be faithful the promise is sure. The Lord is with you and will never leave, He is always there, looks over you, and weeps when you weep and rejoices when you rejoice. 🙂 Thomas S. Monson is the prophet called of God today, and this is Christ’ true Church.


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