Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 42


(5 May 2014)

  Galatians 6 :9 “And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not”.

We are at 233 missionaries in this mission right now, 🙂 it got to the 90’s a few days ago my comp was dying he is from canada so it never is like that there. we have found some new people that are excited to learn about the truth!!!!!! and the “T” family is progressing and hopefully will be baptized!!!!!! this next week we are going to focus on finding families, and with the Lords help anything is possible! this is the lords work:)

  My thought this week is on charity, how without it we are nothing, how can we truly help others unless we love them as Christ and Heavenly Father love them. they will not change unless they see that we care about their lives! Charity is also the greatest motivation to work and serve, it helps us to see people for who they are 🙂 sons and daughters of God. and if you will rely on the lord in all that you do, and serve God with all your heart might mind and strength and love everyone no matter who they are, you will be blessed in ways i cant tell you because they are personal for you. I know this church is true, and want you to all know that i love you, and that you all have helped me become a better son of God in some way. 🙂 dont forget who we are, that we are as the armies of Helaman, the armies of God. and we have Him to defend us so when bad things happen turn the other cheek and press forward, for Christ suffered pains and afflictions and because we follow him we will also suffer from the world, because the adversary is the enemy to righteousness and does not sleep, i know that if we turn to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and live as we are commanded we will overcome through the atonement of Christ all things. and if we endure to the end we will obtain eternal life which is the greatest of all gifts.

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