Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

New Area!


(20 May 2014)

The work is great, SeaTac is doing well, two progressing investigators that both are coming to church!!!!! 🙂  “P” is super solid and wants to be bapized, he is on date for the 7th of June, has been taught everything and even took us out to sizzlers! super nice and prepared. Our other investigator is super solid also, we took him on a church tour and then he came to church the next day and loved it, it was different to him but he said it was worth it and is going to come back, we set up return appointments with them both and are very excited!! I know they are ready, I wont see them be baptized but I know Elder Gorner and Pfister (his new companion) will get it done 🙂 Transfers are today, 5 new missionaries came out this transfer 🙂 2 sisters from korea and 3 Elders! now your all probably wondering where i am now, I got transferred to Kirkland zone, on a bike still 🙂 I love it! it is like sammamish, slow and rich but not as rich as sammamish, I dont know too much because I havent worked yet here, just got here today, and my new companion is Elder Nicoll from Arizona, fun guy so far, im junior companion, he has never been a senior companion and is hitting 18 months, everyone is getting changed so that others can have leadership training, the assistants got moved to district leaders. so im excited to be able to help him learn and be his best, and im also excited to learn what I can from him 🙂 we will do great and miracles will happen in Kirkland one of the slowest zones in the mission! im ready to work and cant wait to start 🙂 we have a special zone conference tomorrow about how to be more productive and ways to find greater success, it was a surprise conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  So charity is the greatest of all gifts from God! and it isnt just given, I have learned it from companions, how to have charity and truely love one another, it is a blessing, and we must pray for it, just like faith charity has an action, for me that would be to go out Teach With Everyone! with charity we can do anything. without charity we are nothing, we have found Gods love for us now it is our responsibility to show everyone else what we have found, we must show our love to others and show Gods love to others by serving them. Serving can take many forms it doesnt have to be knocking doors and sharing the gospel, and that is by being their friends 🙂 as we are friends with non-members they feel something different around us and will want to change and be better because they see us and how our lives are getting better. i know that if we try to find a way to show love to a neighbor that we will see miracles. if you will pray for opportunities to love your neighbors and for ways that will allow you to share the gospel, I promise you God will answer and will place opportunities into your path! To get a referral from a member we must gain that members trust first before they will give us anything, that is the same with Heavenly Father, for him to place his children into our path (Referral from Heaven) He needs to trust us! for missionaries that would be Talking To Everyone we see, for members that would be serving those you see in need and looking for opportunities to love and serve others, as you do and help others, Father in Heaven will trust you with those who will recieve the restored gospel! those people may be you closest non-member friend whom you think would never turn around, but then they will be led to ask for your help, it could be a new friend you havent met yet, or it could be your family, anyone! we never know, and we cant turn our backs on people because we never know if they will turn their lifes around in the future, we are commanded not to judge like, “oh, john will never accept the gospel, he is to set in his ways, so im not even going to bother to try” FALSE, instead think like this ” John may never accept the gospel from me, but as long as I keep doing my part and loving him, someday he will turn around”.  this is the Church of Jesus Christ, his only true church and thru the gospel of Jesus Christ peace can be established. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

yep I got the new shoes and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!


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