Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015



(9 June 2014)

  This last week we went on exchanges and elder Mason came to my area with me and we found 2 solid new investigators and some really solid potentials, then me and elder Nicoll found a solid lady named “D”, she wants to come to church and wants a better family church and has found no church with that except ours, we are going to start going over there and teaching her. 🙂 an awesome miracle happened today, so we got a call from a woman who had everything stolen when she came up to Seattle, and I had given her a card with our number on it with a pamphlet, so she called it because that was the only thing that didn’t get stolen, one of her bags and she said she knows too much about us to be able to deny the church is true, so she was crying and wants missionaries ASAP in Ohio, so we sent it off, and im so happy, when she told me her story, it made me cry how she has been humbled, and that im able to help her in some small way! 🙂 Miracles have happened this week and the work is hastening, and in our mission we started a mission and member prayer at 5pm right before our prime proslyting time, and all missionaries pray together where ever we are at, and now we are inviting all the members to do so as well, and I invite all of you to join in 🙂 pray for the missionaries, serving from you home stake, serving in your stake, your mission, all over the world, and pray that we may find those who are ready, pray that the lord will help you with your work and help you help your family friends and neighbors, if you do this the work will hasten even faster, and you will find the greatest joy and protection ever imagined! Stay close to the savior, dont forget C.P.R: church, pray, read, just like cpr will save a physical life, C.P.R will save you spiritually, go to church, pray daily, read the scriptures daily, and like in 2 Nephi 31:20 and 32:3 Feast upon the words of Christ and they will tell you all things that ye should do. they will provide you with the spiritual protection needed . Temple trip next week so I wont email again until next tuesday, and p-day will be on tuesday for the next 3 p-days until transfers are done. Temple trip takes up 2 p-days because of 8 zones, 4 zones a day, ours is this next p-day, then the other 4 zones the following, then the following week is transfers. Today is zone p-day so I will get some more photos.


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