Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(17 June 2014)


Miracles are happening “P”, the guy in SeaTac that I was teaching got BAPTIZED on Saturday, I may not be there but it is still super exciting to know someone got baptized right after I left, especially when i was there when he was found!!! I’m so grateful to God for letting me be able to partake in his conversion in some way. šŸ™‚ “G” is getting interviewed tomorrow, his parents approved of the baptism, so he will be baptized on the 28th, a week from this friday šŸ™‚ MIRACLES are happening, and im glad to be apart of the hastening of the work, the entire mission is approaching 100 baptisms in this month, we are going to baptize!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we took a guy named “J” to church, he loved it and felt peaceful and wants to be a part of the church with his 11 year old daughter! he loves us but is sad that we cant teach him, because he lives right over our ward and stake boundary, lives in Bothell zone not Kirkland. This has been a great week, i cant wait to see what happens.
This past week we had a guy dressed up as superman (drunk) run up to us and make us sniff flowers over and over then offer my comp his wisky, as my comp moved the bottle away so it wouldnt spill on him, the guy freaked out and thought we were going to dump it out. We had really awesome interviews this week and President and Sister Choi, both told me to excite the members, companions and other missionaries, so I dont know what that means is awaiting in store for the future!

Today we went to the temple again! it was so wonderful, I love going, I always feel the spirit of the Lord, there šŸ™‚ we were not allowed to bring cameras, they took a picture and are going to send it to us. we are so lucky to have temples today, take advantage of them, in anyway possible, you will never find greater joy, then by doing the work for the dead. šŸ™‚Ā  if you are striving to be as Christ like as possible, and follow the spirit you will touch the lives of many many people you know, whether active or less active, member or non-member, friend or random people, I dont know how, thats for you to figure out šŸ™‚ TO ZION TO ZION!!!!

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