Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(24 June 2014)

 This week has been great, we did exchanges again with the district leader and he came to me in my area, it was really fun and I loved the experience and learned a lot. We went on another exchange because my companion fell off his bike and slid on the ground and had been hurting for a week so yesterday, he went to the doctor, and I stayed and went to a lesson with a less active that went well. So on sunday this week we had an unexpected call from “J” whom we had referred to Bothell, he had a hard week and lets just say he wants to come back to us, he loves the ward members and us missionaries, so he is talking to bishop today and we are going to begin teaching him tonight, 🙂 MIRACLES are happening, and “G” is getting baptized this Saturday!!! he is super excited, prepared people are coming 🙂
  So for fun experiences… yesterday the zone leaders Elder Garner and Elder Childs, moved in with us so now there are 4 elders in our apartment, so we get to hear right from the source about everyone being transferred. transfers are coming up tuesday :l WOW that went too fast, another 3 weeks and I will have been out for a year :l  another experience so you all have heard of missionaries riding into park cars… so yesterday, lets just say I softly but still hit a parked car, and ended up on the hood of the car and my bike pulled me off, the bike didn’t touch car, and the car was an old solid metal truck so no marks on it either, just a sore elder Chadwick 🙂 no injury, but I know from here on out I will never check the phone while riding my bike 🙂

  The scriptures say that Christ will go after his lost sheep and carry them on his shoulder and carry them home, so will he do with those who truly follow and obey His commandments, he will take care of us if we are doing what we should and following in his foot steps to the best we can, he loves all of us and will take care of his own, he wants to answer your prayers and he hears your prayers always, he desires to help us. This church is true, Jesus is the Christ, and the restored gospel is the same gospel that Christ established in his day.

 Try to send me more healthy recipes, I love cooking, I saw lots of members and youth from Sammamish at a new member fireside in Redmond, 🙂 and I brought my camera today so I could send pictures, but didn’t bring my cord, and thought my comp did but he forgot his too and we realized this after we got here, but I do have pictures. 🙂

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