Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(4 Aug. 2014)

 Another glorious week in Seattle!! This week we have found some really awesome people, one lady came to church yesterday and she loved it, and a referral was given a church tour by a member she didnt even know! They referred her to us, and she is reading the Book of Mormon, and said she would be baptized, and wants to learn more, she wants to know more about Thomas S. Monson.  another miracle on the way. So we were tracting and had been for awhile now and we hit the last floor of a building, had 2 doors, one open with no one inside and the other didnt answer, right before we started heading down, a guy comes up and is the new owner of the open doored house, and he actually had the feeling to come up and see if his neighbor could help him carry furniture up the stairs, so we helped him, and then him and his wife said they would like us over for dinner and would like to know more about the church as well 🙂 WAHOOOOOOOO MIRACLES!!!

 So we also had a member lesson that was AWESOME, and during the lesson the assistants called us, so I called back and my companion got called to be a district leader, right in the middle of the week, 2 weeks or so before transfer day. he is so stressed, but I know he will be great and he is doing so well, I love him and the district they are all great missionaries, 🙂  all is going well over here in the Kirkland zone of the Washington Seattle Mission 🙂 TO ZION!
 So I want to say the Lord is all around us. we don’t always see the entire path in front of us all at once, we must take a few steps and then it will reveal a little more, line upon line. Lehi saw people begin to walk the path towards the tree of life and then a mist of darkness overshadowed them and they no longer knew where to go, we must take a leap of faith, and hold to the rod (the word of God), cling to the rod, then keep pressing forward, we must continue to follow the scriptures and the spirit, and we will eventually make it to the tree. Christ is there asking us to come to him, As we push forward we help those around us and they help us to achieve the same goal, we are all family and we are in this together 🙂 we need each other, our brothers and sisters need us to be a light to them, to help them to the greatest life and light, Jesus Christ. elder Eyring says this when times get rough, to “Remember Him!” he suffered all and will be our help, His arms of mercy are always opened to us and He will carry us through the hard patches of life. one reason we gather together in the church is that it gives us support that we NEED, together we can strengthen each other with our own testimonies, and help others to come to have one also, lean on me and together we will lean on the Lord. I love all of you and hope the spirit will remind you how much Heavenly Father loves you, this is my testimony that He lives, and this is His church, Thomas S. Monson is his prophet today.

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