Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(12 Aug. 2014)

WAHOOOOOOO! Another Awesome week here in Seattle!
 So for this last week we had a blast, went on exchanges with the Kirkland 1st elders and the mission presidents wife told me to stay inside, for I had some intense random leg pains, all is well 🙂 went away later that evening, but I had to stay inside with elder Stone and decided to leave at 7pm and go and do some work, wasnt the most fun time I have had on my mission :l lets see what else happened this week…. oh yeah we had an awesome zone meeting and got to see “J” who got baptized so let me catch you up on how he is doing, so when we were teaching him, his ex-wife whom they were still in love, was anti religion and didnt want him baptized, so they took her to a new member fireside (the new Elders over them) and at first she didnt want to see them or even have “J” see them, but after she saw the fireside, she instantly wanted to be Baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES, and so as of saturday they got remarried and she got baptized and her and “J” love Elder Nicoll and I very much, and they are planning on getting sealed in a year, their daughter also got baptized.  🙂  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ETERNAL FAMILIES!!!!!!

 So it has been great to serve in the Juanita ward in Kirkland for only 6 weeks and also whitewashing Rose Hill in Kirkland as well, and now another transfer has happened today and I have been transferred, transferred in stake/zone again and also….. whitewashing again in Kirkland 1st ward in Kirkland, right next to Rose Hill, and elder Nicoll is my district leader now 🙂 exchanges will be weird 🙂 but i loved serving with him, he is a great example and leader,  it has been an awesome 2 transfers/12 weeks with him. now my new companion is Elder Cottam,  he is going to finish his mission in December, very excited elder and im super stoked to work with him and learn from him, we are both new to the ward, so this is going to be fun 🙂  I stayed in my first area for 6 months, 2nd for 4.5 months and sinse then only 6 week per area (Juanita and Rose Hill) and 2 whitewashes in a row! The Lord knows what will help us to grow so we must be humble and willing and we will become who he knows we can be and who we want to be. 🙂

 Up is up and down is up, so if you ever feel down, look up and press forward. but dont get discouraged because life is full of ups and downs, if we feel down then we can pray and ask God our eternal Father what we should do and then open the scriptures and start reading until we find our answer, either open to what pops up in your head or open to a random page, if we do this and have faith, believing that we will find an answer and that Christ will help us, then we will find what it is that we need to learn to get back up and become closer to Him and become more like him. if we are too busy looking at our pasts and sitting on the fence we will miss opportunities to grow and awesome experiences, Heavenly Father needs you all on his side, disobediences in any form take off the armor from the inside, so commit now to be exactly obedient. we are here to learn to go back to father and help our brothers and sisters do so as well. The most important thing is eternal life, and if we are doing all we can God will provide for everything else we need. This is His church, and the gospel which leads us back to him has been restored by Joseph Smith, the Lord loves each and everyone of you 🙂


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