Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

The best 2 years!

(18 Aug. 2014)

GOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I’m super excited to work right now and trying to be as exactly obedient as possible 🙂 I love the ward we are in, the members are awesome and the ward mission plan gets me super pumped on the work of salvation, I think im learning a reason why i have been in the kirkland zone for some time now, its to learn how to be more excited and enthusiastic and work with members 🙂 i have been discovering talents that i did not know i could receive. when we strive to be exactly obedient as much as physically possible, we will overcome our barriers. the lord does not require more then what we are, “dont run faster than ye are able”… what he requires is a sacrifice, you all remember the widows might, she only could pay 2 pennies, and the lord accepted it even though she didnt give like the others did, he accepted it because it was all she could give, all she had. and that is exactly what the lord requires of us all our heart might mind and strength, if you cant invite someone to hear from the missionaries and all you can do is be an example then thats fine, do all you can and you will be a part of changing many many lives, then work to go a step further and try inviting neighbors to family activities that are fun and friendly. this gospel is all about loving and serving others 🙂 and all we need to do is “ALL WE CAN” as we do the Lord takes care of the rest, its very simple, all things are His and if we give to others He will freely give to us 🙂  This week was awesome we found a new investigator, his name is “Y”,  we are teaching a guy named “C” and he wants to be baptized asap, he is busy this week so we will start the next week but are going to keep daily contact with him and we are also teaching a guy named “E” he also wants to be baptized. we have some others that we are working with and the area is hard but the members are super missionary minded all of them pray for us by name, and all are thinking of some sort of missionary work, the Lord is hastening His work, my joy for “J” and is family is full, I cant wait to go to their sealing 🙂 it will be around a month after I return home, this is the best 2 years.
  We have dinner every day in this ward, we only eat in the members homes sundays and mondays,  but they drop off food and sometimes groceries at our door every other day 🙂 they are super awesome and all missionary minded, we have in the making a missionary member conference, we will hasten the work of salvation greatly in the ward, i will let you know how it goes and when we start it. I love this work and i dont want my mission to ever end, even though it is hard, and brings me to tears, I just feel a strong desire to do this for the rest of my life sometimes, there are those who need me in this mission and I need them also.  🙂


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