Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Transfered again??

(25 Aug 2014)


So where to begin with this week……. so to start Kirkland 1st ward is awesome they are on fire with member missionary work but I’m now in Kirkland 4th ward…. your probably wondering why, right? well we got emergency transferred a week into the transfer on last thursday, so now me and elder Cottam whitewashed Kirkland 4th ward which had sisters 🙂 and they pink washed Kirkland 1st! Crazy right! I have had 3 whitewashes in a row, 3 in an 8 week period, and now I have gone to 4 of the 5 wards in Kirkland stake all in a row. I’m unsure why we got emergency transferred, nothing bad happened with us or the old k4 sisters some thing else in the mission maybe but im thinking it was meant for us to be here. I also saw “”J” and his wife and daughter at church because he goes at 9 and I go at 1pm same building, they are loving the gospel. 

 I’m super glad to be in K4. so I dont know what the Lord has in store, but I hope to be used as an instrument in His hands, the gospel of Jesus Christ is super important, it is hard to do all we can sometimes but if we have faith that God is with us then we can have hope we will be able to endure many trails, with EXACT OBEDIENCE and continually focused on Christ he will be by us every step of the way, and even carry us through our trials. faith and hope keeps us going, if we obey and go and do, doing all that we can to help others, He will bless us for our sacrifice and miracles will happen, and we will have His trust so He can then send His prepared children to us. We are all children of God, joint heirs with Christ,  this is the work of salvation and we are all in this together as one, one body of Christ, this is His church. I’m just super excited about working and not just working but loving my brothers and sisters, when we love them and treat them as brothers and sisters they will feel the saviors love for them. you should watch a mormon message called “The Hope of Gods Light” it is an awesome conversion story of how members doing their best and just loving and being a friend helped save a guys life and eventually helped him find Christ 🙂
  This has been a great week went to church met more new members and a new ward, have some awesome people we are working with, we are working with a girl to get baptized,:) and we have been finding lots of potential investigators,  I love all of you, this gospel changes lives and im so glad to be apart of it, I am here to help all of you as well so that we may all lift each other. never give up for with the fire of faith in us anything is possible. 🙂

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  1. Tyler Davis said:

    HI JORDAN!!! not sure if this will work or not, but at least I tried, right? Glad to see you are doing so well, and I am still really jealous of you getting to live in that area of the country. if this works, please let me know if you would rather me send a hand-written letter. So yeah, LOTS has happened since you’ve left, and Id like to be able to tell you about it. Also, I know we didnt really talk much in our last year of High School, and I apologize for that, I think it just kinda happened for no apparent reason, but I’d really like to reconnect sometime, when you can, of course. let me know if this picture works. It’s a photo of everyone at Micah And Kaitlyns Wedding back in May. I’ll try to find a more recent one of me if you want. I love this picture, even though I usually hate pictures of me, haha. Take care bud, and I’ll see you when you get back! ^.^

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