Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(1 Sep 2014)

  I’m having so much joy in missionary work, this past week we have had awesome miracles and found people, SOLID people. first “S”, he is awesome his girlfriend is a member so she basically taught him everything, next we have “H”, now this was a miracle, so we got bashed pretty hard but still held to our faith and told them by scripture what we believe and know to be true, so while down in sorrow, we still followed spirit and talked to her and she told us she is really interested in learning about the gospel. “C” is next we found him surprisingly in a very rich neighborhood, said he wants to go on a church tour and learn more 🙂 so we will be doing that on Wednesday 🙂 and then “C” is doing awesome wants to be baptized but still needs to just ask her parents, she is afraid because she feels they will say no. so we are going to have her and her boyfriend who is a member fast with us for her parents, and just have her open her heart to her parents about how important this is to her. Miracles are happening, and I have followed the spirit all week and we have been finding people this week and potentials 🙂 more exact obedience is needed for the priceless miracles 🙂 so we are going to do that. my mind and heart are all focused on this work. I love this work and I love helping and showing others that love. My studies this past week have been outstanding! I have learned so much more about why we need the gospel, about grace and faith, when we have true faith in Christ we will want to obey, like 1 Nephi 3:7, without Faith nothing can happen, we must obey first then like in Hebrews 11, miracles will happen, prophets didn’t just sit around and wait for the miracles, they had faith to do what God has commanded, we must first believe in Christ and believe in who he is, the son of God, then we realize that his commandments are for our good, as we grow in love, he says “if ye love me, keep my commandments”, as we grow in love for Him, we will have a greater desire to obey. oh how the gospel brings joy to my heart, what desire I now have to help people know this truth, that only thru faith in Him and obedience to His commandments can we receive true happiness, I love this work and love helping others to find joy and just resolve their concerns 🙂 I just feel SO Happy ALL THE TIME! I don’t ever want to go home, I just want to labor for rest of my life to do all I can to help others come unto Christ.

 I love you all, I love your desire to follow the savior, and I pray for you all daily, especially my immediate family, all of you are my family and I know we will rejoice together again, I know this is Christ true church and that He has restored it to Joseph Smith.
 We can now listen to any music by the mormon tabernacle choir, even if it is not a hymn but it has to be by mormon tabernacle choir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if you can send me some cds by them I would LOVE IT. second we get an extra 30 minutes a during p-day to go online to church sites and research the new ways to proselyte, which means maybe we’ll get IPADS soon!!!!

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