Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

“Ask and ye shall receive”

(8 Sep. 2014)

Another glorious week in Seattle, the weather is still really hot but beginning to change back to rain, but that is alright, when it rains president Choi told all of us missionaries to open our mouths and drink the water and then give thanks to God, he is funny sometimes, but a very inspired man and knows how to have fun w/spirit.
investigators are doing awesome, “C” wants to get baptized and got her interviewed and she passed so now we just need to get her moms approval, she is our most solid investigator, “H” came to another lesson has lots of questions, and we taught her of the plan of salvation, we feel she is into lessons for the knowledge mostly but she also reads the Book of Mormon 🙂 “S” fasted on saturday for his baptism, he knows it all and loves it, but isnt sure if he is ready for commitment, this past week…. oh WOW, let me tell you, we had members out with us for tracting and finding all sorts of missionary work and they loved it, and so one young man, who just got his mission call, got up yesterday in fast and testimony sacrament meeting and testified that we should all go out with the missionaries, and that he truly and deeply wishes he would have done so earlier 🙂 other members expressed their love for member missionary work, in my testimony i expressed my love for all of them, and that all us as members need to feel the true love of Christ, Christ shows his love thru us to others thru the spirit and experiences, and also the scriptures 🙂 as you go out with the missionaries, you will feel the fire and the spirit of missionary work, you will feel a great love for our brothers and sisters, even when you do your own member missionary work! you will draw near to Gods love thru serving others around you, whether it be members or non-members 🙂
many spiritual things have happened this week, the spirit is the most precious gift, and when we go to church and magnify our callings, and live according to the commandments, we receive the special gifts of the spirit which we should all strive for, he will guide us, he will walk beside us, he will carry us through our trials. i felt such strong love for the members, for all members all over the world and gratitude for all your efforts and i know that this is where we need to be, the lord does answer prays, he is ready and willing to give, “ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.”. We all can gain this same knowledge, our lord loves us so very much that he cause to be preserved this record, The Book of Mormon, to come forth to a boy who humbly asked for help in which church to join, God revealed the book to help the world know who He is and who Christ is and what his teaching are. and continues to reveal truths to the prophet today, as we live according to Gods Word and strive to love and serve others he will bless us and will answer our prayers.we need to follow the word of God in the scriptures for they are for our day and will help us resolve our problems and concerns and keep us on the straight and narrow. ”


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