Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

“To Zion”

(15 Sep 2014)

This past week has been great, we found a former that accepted to be baptized on Oct 11, he is really awesome busy a lot but really sincere in his learning πŸ™‚ “H” is still really interested, “C”s mom declined baptism, so we are praying her moms heart will be softened and she will say yes. Approaching the last week of the transfer, wow it has gone by fast, it just keeps going faster!!! I love the work of the Lord. and oh wow, am I always tired, this is some hard, fun, exciting, rewarding, precious work of the Lord.
and now i feel a need to say this, i love serving and encourage all young men to serve a mission it is our duty to God, it is a sacred trust we get to have, it is an honor and a priviledge to serve him for 2 years! take advantage and strive diligently to magnify your calling in the office in which ye are appointed. and for all the young women, my advice, either serve a mission or get sealed in the temple, but never ever go less active and dont you EVER distract any young man or be the cause that he stays home and chooses not to serve. I pray and strongly encourage that you young women, to serve a mission, and pray if it is what the lord needs you to do, you are some of our most powerful allies in the field, and have talents the lord can use, but if you feel its not for you, then make sure you stay strong in the gospel and marry in the temple πŸ™‚ you wont ever regret it, i cant say i know how it feels to be sealed, but i can see this changes lives, and i do know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, they love us and this is his work, this is his church, and the only church with his authority to act in Gods name. nowhere else can you find the happiness that you will find as you obey Gods commandments, as you love and serve others. one scripture that i love is Mosiah chapter 2, taking about keeping the commandments, as we obey we grow in love for Father in Heaven, and for others, when we have charity, we then can do anything the lord asks of us, with faith, hope and charity bringeth the fountain of all righteousness πŸ™‚ as we do this we can have an assurance that God lives and he is there, he wants to help you and will always have his arms eternally opened to you, i know this because i have felt them and have taken his hands and spiritually allowed him to help me through my trials! oh youth of the noble birthright, what a marked generation we all are a part of, weather we be young or old, bond or free, the lord has need of us, dont ever give into sin, if you do, repent now and do better, he is willing to forgive, he wants to forgive, dont think that he will ever be mad at you, but have faith in his son Jesus Christs sacrifice and renew your promise with him at baptism every week, you will be happy and you will feel his love. πŸ™‚


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