Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(29 Sep 2014)

WAHOOOO, another great week in Seattle! I’m in the same area, I didnt get transferred, Elder Cottam did, Elder Huguley came to me. I’m senior companion again, this week we were able to find 4 new investigators in the area, and have 10 member presents and member lessons, the ward is getting excited! and the Lord is opening the windows of heaven. my new companion has brought some different skills to the table, and we hope to start getting a weekly ward activity going that the members and us missionaries can bring people to… members love the idea and so we are trying to get it going, 🙂 we taught a less active and she wants to come back to church and become fully active, she felt the spirit and asked us if she could take the lessons from Preach My Gospel, the work of salvation isnt just missionaries baptizing, a less active returning to enjoy the blessings of the gospel is just as good as baptism, and might also lead to their non member friends becoming converted 🙂

This is the Lords work and He requires an obedient diligent heart, one of my favorite stories, “peter? lovest thou me more than these?” I love how Elder Holland puts it, peter-” yea lord thou knowest that i love thee”, Jesus-“then why are we sitting on this same shore, why are we here again” when Christ first met peter he told him “follow me, and i will make you fishers of men.” this is a call we all recieve at baptism,  and Christ taught him a powerful lesson, “WHY ARE WE STILL HERE”  WHY ARE WE SITTING ON THE FENCE? we are to become like Christ and to be examples.  Many times in the Book of Mormon and Bible  it talks about how with faith trials will be made lighter. in life we must endure, we have each other and we have Christ,  we are all equal, we all are brothers and sisters. let us do our best to build Zion where we are at now, I love you all and lets show the love of our saviors infinite eternal sacrifice for us to all of Gods children, lets fullfill our baptismal promise in Mosiah 18:8-10. When we obey and we put all trust in Lord, He will carry us through our trials. we may not know why we have some commandments but we do know that “today i obey, tomorrow i understand” may we all pick up our crosses and follow him, if we do i promise, you will be happy and you will prosper, when we are faithful and diligent in callings and serve others we recieve a remission of our sins/mistakes. We need to place ourselves in the arms of the Savior, so he can help us become who He needs us to be, and serve and love others, hearts will then be changed 🙂 God lives and loves us and his arms are always opened to us, may we be humble enough to take his hand and obey 🙂 i know this is the work of the Lord, and i know that the doctrine of Christ is the way to true happiness.


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