Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Email 13 Oct 2014

 So it appears that the weather in Seattle has begun to change back to the rain, still times of sunny outside, but rains more and more each day, cloudy again, with pockets of sun, so time to get out my rain gear and to lose my nice tan that I had! we got dumped rain on while tracting with “S”, a member who is going on a mission in 5 weeks 🙂 we are going to have him trained and ready to go before he hits the MTC 🙂 I love the sun, it is very effective for talking to everyone as well, no one wants to walk in the rain. the ward is great, they feed us well on the 2 days that we can be fed, 🙂 I love working with members, I feel so much fire to help them do their part, the work is hastening and we need to join member and missionaries together, whenever you have a non member in your home, be sure to let the missionaries know, they can and will help you, I love serving and encourage all to go and serve the Lord, if young men, go when you can, if young woman, do the same, but follow the spirit, or go with spouse, it is worth it, the trials you face as a missionary help you to grow and become who God needs you to be, he loves each of us and wants to help us. I love talking to people I love seeing how they are doing, which leads me to love them even more. “L” came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! she loved it and even cried in sacrament meeting, “C” is doing awesome!
 I hope all is going well in where ever you all may be, I know God lives and is our Father in Heaven and loves us unconditionally, I know Jesus is the Christ and also loves each of us for he suffered “pains and afflictions of every kind….” he suffered for us, and oh how eternally in debted we are to him, may we all be able to proclaim lord I will follow thee, and then go and do. I love this work and the lord and all of you.


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