Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(20 Oct. 2014)


This week was really awesome lots happened had exchanges I went to Kirkland spanish area, my spanish is improving 🙂 Exchanges were awesome, kept me fired up!!! and i cant wait to go to work. for zone p-day we play sports for 2 hours with the missionaries in the zone, we played 1 hr of soccer, and 1 hr of ultimate frizbee, I LOVE ULTIMATE FRIZBEE!!! transfers are 2 weeks from tomorrow, already been 4 weeks with Elder Huguley.  “C” came to church he loved it,  we taught restoration and then gave Book of Mormon, he committed to read and came to church with us the following sunday!  had a new member fireside yesterday in Shoreline and “C” came and told us afterward she is going to speak to her parents and tell them she really wants to be baptized, “L” is doing really well, and came to church again, and loves it,  we are doing some really solid member work and the work is beginning to hasten!!!

“Dare to Stand Alone, Dare to make it known”,  “Walk the path of Obedience”-President Monson. these 2 statements are a moto for my life, Christ paid our debt and asks us to “come follow me”, to be obedient, with these 2 statements, I also really love the story of the stripling sons, in Alma 57:21-27  it wasnt easy for them, just because they obeyed does not mean that it wouldnt be hard, but by the goodness of God they were all preserved, I can testify that its not always going to be easy, but the Lord will bless those who choose to obey. Nephi himself didnt get this testimony out of nowhere, he searched it out and asked God, then when he received the confirmation, he didnt hesitate to be exactly obedient,  we covenant at baptism to always obey Him, then will the lord pour out his blessings then will we continue to grow. may we all “walk the path of obedience”, even if we do it alone. for then we are never alone, we will have heavenly help 🙂  obedience helps us to conquer ourselves, the “natural man”. if you will all commit to God to obey, you will become what our father in heaven wants you to be, and you will be able to help others as well. I know that the Lord lives and love each of us, no matter what happens, no matter how far you fall down, he is still there with his arms opened to us always, if we obey and take his hand, through obedience he will carry us out of the hole we have fallen into, and as we endure to the end we will triumph over all 🙂


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