Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Attacked by an owl!?

(27 Oct. 2014)


This week we have seen “L” like everyday and have been teaching little bits and pieces of principles, in one day she gave up tea, and is really close to the ward members, goes to weekly activities with them and is doing AWESOME!  we have found a cool new investigator that we will be teaching this week!!! super stoked on life right now 🙂 missions are the best “Missions are Forever”-Elder Holland
 We got rained on and oh yeah before I forget so 2 weeks ago, I was on exchanges with Elder Mason and guess what happened…………… we got attacked……… a MASSIVE OWL. so the story is we were walking behind a complex to see someone, and something hit my head, I shouted that I got attacked by a seagull, my district leader “um…. sure…… yeah okay, whatever you say” then it attacked his head. so we took cover and then ran around the corner, thinking we were safe it got both of us, so we booked it to the car 🙂
 While pondering this week i was thinking of obedience and it came to me again that why do we obey? to be a stickler? (stickler is someone who is stiff in doing letter of the law only) no, but we obey because we love God and he knows what will protect us. it helps us to remember and always keep in mind our purpose, if we follow him and give our hearts to him, he will follow thru with all of his promises, all promises given in scriptures, given in personal revelation and even from leaders 🙂 Obedience is the greatest sacrifice. as we obey we can then become instruments in the Lords hand and our hearts will be broken down and we will become new people as we keep his commandments and cast away our sins continually 🙂 I know this is true,  I have truly experienced this on my mission as I obey I teach with power and authority and the spirit fills the room, and as i forget myself and love and serve others my desires change to become more like the will of God, my motives become like Nephi’s motives, to love and serve the lord and his children, Obedience is a life long thing we work at, so don’t get down if you aren’t perfect at it 🙂 I know God lives, for how could He not, I know Jesus is the Messiah, our Lord and redeemer, I know the doctrine of Christ is the way and only thru Christ can we be cleansed and return home, may we all give our hearts to the Lord, may we all turn to him: Isaiah 1:18 “come now let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool.” the lord wants to forgive, may we all endure our trials and always trust in God and follow exactly his commandments.

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