Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Transfers! And guess what?!

(4 Nov. 2014)

this past week has been a great week, we met with “L” every day for the past 2 weeks and  one meeting we had her pray and she cried and was so grateful to have found us and for God sending us daily, she reads  the Book of Mormon daily and loves it!!!! she comes to church and wants to be baptized just waiting to see her husband to tell him face to face about her decision, then wants baptism in January, we hope she doesn’t wait that long. I love this work, so glad to be a part of it, It is hard, but worth it, the BEST 2 YEARS! 🙂  For Halloween we had to go in early to do weekly planning, on Friday at 6 we went to some members also, 🙂 yes an owl swooped down and grabbed my head, yes im okay it didn’t even hurt, we were laughing about it the whole time. yep me and elder Huguley stayed companions, and guess what? Im a District Leader. “S” was a referral and now wants to come to church!!!! “N” was a tract (knocked her door) we brought a member to the second visit (who is also the Ward Mission Leader) he invited her into his home for lessons, she accepted and now we will be teaching her as well, the members are also starting to bring some of their friends to the church activities, 🙂 we are going to be playing weekly ultimate frizbee with the  youth and their non member friends, you can see it is super easy to do missionary work, if you don’t know any non members then go and get to know all you neighbors! you will find some 🙂 I know this is the Lords work, our father in Heaven knows our desires he knows what we can become, and he can see the path we must take, so we need to obey his chosen servants and his spirit for they will guide us down the right path and change our hearts to become like our Savior, he is the perfect example 🙂 i know it can be hard and sometimes we don’t want to do what He asks of us, but we are put into the furnace of fire, just long enough to become who we are meant to become, we need to remember we are never left alone, the Savior is always there to pull us out, 2 Nephi 2 states that without sorrow, pain, sin, trials, we cannot experience happiness, joy, peace. without the bad we cant know the good, we must do all we can to follow the gospel that Christ gave us, that is the way, we are all family, lets hasten this work and help others experience the peace and joy that comes thru the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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