Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(10 Nov. 2014)


  So this week we played ultimate frizbee with the youth and they brought non members to the activity, it was so fun, and all want to do it again, at “S”s farewell, we invited 2 more non members and they will be coming again next week 🙂 the Lord is blessing us! and we found 5 new investigators, some youth that we will be starting to hopefully work with and all of the investigators took a Book of Mormon!!  so on sunday as we were going around we got prompted without fail every person we saw to “Talk to them” so we did, some of them were frankly just rude, so we talked to them and not much happened then felt that if we continued then we would find someone, so we ended up finding “L” and she wanted us to teach her so we will be going back to see here soon 🙂 The other “L” is solid she is really progressing on date for the 31 of January, that is far but with prayers and obedience it can come sooner than that. “C” is doing well also, the work is moving forward and baptisms are coming.
  This past week has been interesting, so last p-day was transfers I stayed in this area but when I went to email I got surprised by being able to see others key indicators which is only allowed by district leaders, so I asked the zone Leaders, they got the assistants and then we found out that the assistants were so busy that they were not able to get to calling me, so yes I have been called as a District Leader. it is a learning experience and a great opportunity to serve, I love the story of Ammon, being a servant, I have learned so much already from the sisters whom I serve with and the Zone Leaders who are also in the district. I love this work and helping God bring others unto Christ what a great privilege it is to serve him, in any calling, all callings are equally important and no one is above anyone else. thru my studies this week, I was studying faith, and realized if our faith is weak or dark, then so will our future be, but if we have the fire of faith in our lives, our future will be lit up before us. faith will guide us home, obedience is the great sacrifice that will help us, with-out it we cant grow we cant even reach towards our potential, but when we humble accept him and follow like peter did “forsook his nets” (passions) then will he guide us and we will reach to our potential, I know this to be true, and I know father in heaven loves us, he lives, and wants to help us, his merciful hand is always extended even if we are wandering in darkness.


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