Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Mighty change of heart

(17 Nov. 2014)


  The week was really good, went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, 🙂 Investigators are doing awesome, we have been working hard and finding lots more 🙂 had an awesome zone meeting in which I was asked to train on past meeting we had, so I felt to do it on mighty change of heart, spirit was so strong, and I also talked of cleansing the inward vessel, which was actually what the zone leaders where planning on sharing, and they never told me what they were teaching until after I trained, they said I was inspired. so there is an example of following spirit 🙂 the mighty change of Heart though doesn’t come unless we are Obedient to God in ALL 🙂

 President Choi is a General Authority, he is a wise man, and I have interviews with him tomorrow, IM SUPER EXCITED!!!!! we have journals in this mission where we give them to other missionaries and they sign them and write in them and give each other our contact info for after the mission, only companions can sign them, which is fine 🙂 but I do need Elder Woods contact info still, I didn’t have a journal when I was with him. that seems really weird when I think of being with Elder Wood as his trainee, and Sammamish, I feel completely different.

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