Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


“Every person we meet is a VIP to Heavenly Father….. Let us commit to become His hands, that others through us might feel His loving embrace.”.  -president Uchtdorf

(25 Nov. 2014)

Sorry about not sending the last report, im busy and forgot :l
so 2 weeks ago, was great went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it was awesome, found many new people to teach, people whom last week dropped us 😦 but we found one who is a young man of 15 who really wants us to come back his name is “O”, we’re going to try to see him tonight or tomorrow 🙂 just talking to people is fun, i absolutely love it and teaching as well. so now that reminds me of this last week we had interviews with the mission president and before interviews we had District Meeting, so i taught my first district meeting on high expectation goal setting, the spirit was strong, and we were all edified by it, it is a humbling experience to teach other missionaries for me 🙂 “L” is still doing well, she is still on date for Jan 31 it will come.  yep i got the family name 🙂 going next tuesday to temple, so just so you know i wont be emailing next monday either 🙂 p-day will be on tuesday.

yesterday we also had a meeting with Elder Fellabella from the first qourum of the seventy! he was awesome, talked a lot about Ammon and how Ammon really only converted 1 person, King Lamoni, then the king got his wife, then the servants, then they taught the people, all because Ammon decide to just serve and love them 🙂 what a great principle that comes from that story, we never know what our efforts will do for others, we may bring save it be but one person, but that person will bring more who will bring more, which is how Ammon and his brethren had thousands of baptisms, its a domino effect, there were even prophets who never baptized but strengthened others who then brought others. we learn from this that we are all in this together, and the “harvester and the sower will both rejoice with the fruit” as long as we do all that we can and follow Christ unceasingly then we can truly change the world 🙂 like Nephi when going to get the plates. Elder Felabella talked of this also, Nephi tried multiple times, and failed but still kept trying, this is a great example to us all 1 Nephi 3:7 “i will go and do the things the lord commandeth…” Nephi knew, and also the stripling warriors that if we dont doubt or fear and DONT GIVE UP, we will succeed. lets follow Christs and Nephi’s example for the lord will provide a way if we do our part and stay close to the spirit, and hold to what we know to be true, what a great joy to endure to the end so we can recieve all that the father hath, we must do so, we must be faithful to all of Gods commandments 🙂 “draw near unto me and i will draw near unto you” how do we draw near to Christ? by simply reading? no we draw near by studying, and by application (we must apply and do what we learn and follow Christ) this is how we come to know our savior Jesus Christ, being humble and grateful always so that we can see like he does act as he does, think as he does, then as we endure, eventually we become like him.


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