Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Temple Week!


(2 Dec. 2014)

   Today was a great day, we went to the temple again, for the first time in 6 months 🙂 it was soooooooo awesome!!! i love it there!  so for this past week, we had an interesting week, as a district we set a goal for each companionship to find 6 new investigators and a family, and we found 6 new and a family, the others did awesome also especially the zone leaders they found 3 families and 9 new investigators, the purpose of the goal was to show love in every contact and show daily acts of charity to all, to members, our companions, and non-members, showing the pure love of Christ, the goal overall was to have each missionary grow in faithfulness and in charity, so that their desire to work comes out of pure love to God and others, so that people will feel the love of God.  this is a very true concept, without love we cant even hope to succeed in helping others, if you look back to all those good examples that have helped you, you will see that they had great love for you. my experience is with an old bishop, he would always talk to me and my sister, and i didnt recognize it then but he loved us, but then not too long ago i had been given an assignment to take the sacrament to a very sick member, we had to help him take it, but the love i felt for him was really strong, a week later that man died, i then realized that that man was my old Bishop and i couldnt even recognize him! i remember that experience and the love i feel even to this day is very strong, and that love inspires me to work harder and be stronger,  “pure love casteth out all fear”, pure love changes hearts, turns darkness into day, lights up a path of faith inside us, and gives us encouragement to press forward, feasting on the words of Christ, i know this to be true, and i hope to be able to share that kind of love to all the world, i encourage all of us to do this, look for opportunities to serve others and they will remember that when times get hard 🙂 Alma 36:12-21 (Alma the youngers experience)
we had thanksgiving at a members (Bishops) it was soooooo good, and now the church has put out a great video that you all have probably seen by now but it is really powerful its on and about the greatest gift ever given to us, Jesus Christ 🙂 “He is the Gift”, discover this thru study and learning, embrace it by living all of Gods commandments, and share it by your examples and love towards others. “L” is doing really awesome, so we had her teach us for the lesson with her, and she taught about Elder Godoys conference talk, she did really well, and even gave us reading assignments! she is really solid, and will enter the fold soon. she has truly had a change of heart, we recieved a very solid referral that wants to meet with us, it came from a member in a different stake, he too wants to be involved, we will be teaching the family 🙂 meeting them on friday, “C” wants to come to church this week and is now investigating also, has multiple new member friends, really wants a change in his life 🙂 oh how the spirit is awesome! an investigator girl dropped us by leaving a note stating that she wasnt interested in the religion, but is interested in us and wanted our names and numbers. found and dropped by multiple atheists that want to meet once then get to hung up on one thing and drop us. God be with you all, that is all from Washington Seattle this week.

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