Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

“Come and see”


(9 Dec. 2014)

This past week was a little slow, the zone leaders had me go on an exchange to Totem Lake with those elders and they are not in my district, the members were really busy and couldn’t come out with us all week, we had great district meeting this week and had an awesome stake conference in which the presiding bishop Bishop Causee came and spoke, he talk a lot about “Come and See”,  in John 1, the apostles find the Lord and go and tell everyone to come and see what we have found. this is very simple and true, as members thats all we really need to do is be great friends with them and invite them to come and see,  and as we love and serve them and hang out with them and pray for opportunities, they will come and then we need to testify of the blessings it has brought to us and invite them to come and see, you dont need to teach them the lessons, just simple invite them to come and see, “missionaries are full time teachers, members are full time finders.” -Bishop Causse. it was a great meeting, and member missionary work is soooo much more effective then tracting and just having us missionaries do it alone, because these people know and love you, and you can touch there hearts.  🙂
we have zone sports day today and its all dark and rainy so we are going inside for this one 😦 volleyball and basketball. rain is on and off, transfers are next tuesday and the reason why p-day is today is because the other half of the mission is going to the temple today 🙂 “L” came and actually resolved her own concern this week thru conference, she had a concern about prophets receiving revelation, and then the conference ensign resolved her issue, that we all receive revelation for our individual selves, and the prophet receives the revelation on the church affairs not to dominate our lives but to keep the house of prayer a house of order, this is how Christ established his church Matthew 16:15-19 peter knew who Christ was because Heavenly Father had made it known to him, and so “blessed art thou simon Bar-jona…” “and thou art peter and upon this rock (revelation) will i build my church” calling peter to be a prophet, and saying that by revelation will my church be run thru a prophet, Ephisians 4:11-14 we will have prophets until Christ comes to reign again on the earth, 🙂 may God be with us all for he truly does love each and everyone one of us, and what a great time to share this with the world, during this Christmas Season, i love you all and hope all is well.



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