Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Transfer week!

M. Russell Ballard

(16 Dec. 2014)

  My companion went home on Wednesday so I spent the rest of the transfer with the zone leaders, so for transfers im staying in Kirkland and guess what, i got called to be a trainer, so NOW I HAVE A SON!!!!!!! Elder Owen!!!! He’s a great guy, and my bike streak has ended 😦 i have been given a car to use now :””””””'( but oh well, i will just have to workout harder 🙂 im super stoked for this new transfer and to train a brand new missionary, still a district leader, still have the sisters in my district now Sister Beanfield and Sister Lee, Elder Mills and Cambell (zone Leaders) are also in my district still, its sooooo weird having a car, and yes mom if you prayed for me to be in a car it worked 🙂 i hope to stay in this area for at least 5 transfers, im starting my 4th, i want to finish my “sons” training 🙂 i love this 🙂 so now for “L” she is doing great, she’s ready just needs to talk to husband, yesterday we went to the Ensign symphony and chorus, i love serving a mission!!! she came and loved it. “C” has been converted by the spirit and now it’s time to move on to the ward in which she lives in so we referred her to the missionaries there, only so she can help her family because we cant go into her area 😦 but oh well i did my best and hope that i will be in the stake so i can see her baptism when that time comes, this past week my area has came to a halt and nothing happened in it, being an assistant zone leader for a day was very very busy!!! they had a great baptism though 🙂 my district is doing so great 🙂 i love every member of my district and cant wait to serve them all 🙂 Elder Owen is from Oklahoma!!! He’s awesome and I’m super excited for his growth 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 as you can tell im pumped and ready 🙂
I have a testimony of the atonement, for many times i fall and im not perfect, but no matter how many times i have fallen Christ is still there, and will always be, i love this church and i know we all go thru trials but just like with Joseph Smith in Jail, “how much longer will you suffer me…….” Father in Heaven “thine affliction are but a moment….” he also states that these trials are for our own good, we will grow. we can either shrink from our trials and fall away, or we can take courage like the strippling warriors when they had to confront the enemy who was fighting their allies and their allies were too weak so were losing, they took courage and faced the enemy, and none of them where killed, this goes for us also, we must face our trials with courage and not shrink, having faith in Christ and pressing forward. sometimes we ask why is this so hard? “Salvation is not a cheap experience” we must pay a small price, but i have recieved a confirmation that the trials i have faced will help me to grow, and so i would say how do we allow the atonement to carry us? Thru following our Savior, by having faith to obey and follow Christ and repenting of the mistakes we so easily make and by being baptized and renewing our covanants, recieving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end, how do we endure once we have done those things?  “Feast on the words of Christ….” we must study the scriptures and the prophets, also go to church (Feasting), pray (revelation leads to feasting), read (feasting), we must pressfoward, may we all rise up and stand tall in our trials, may we all have heavens help, this is the ONLY WAY to true happiness, i love you all and i love this gospel, i testify that Jesus Christ suffered all for us, if we will simply follow, “the path is simple but not easy to follow” this all comes from President Eyring and Elder Holland, the atonement and missionary work. i know this is true and i promise that the atonement will carry all of us, thanks for your love and support and once again im pumped to have a son in the mission 🙂

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