Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Email 12/29/14

GOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!! Home šŸ™‚

this past week has been an interesting week, had a MLC meeting (Mission Leadership Council) the Zone Leaders and sister training leaders only go, but President Choi invited me and 2 other district leaders and our companions also went, it was a powerful meeting! “are you will to lose your life for the Gospel?” this can mean 2 things, first die… second to give all that we are all that we have for it ,in John 21, “Peter Loves thou me more then these?” this story is about leaving our nets, like the prophets of old and the righteous Nephites, they would give everything to serve, Ammon and sons of Mosiah served a 14 Year long mission! once we are willing to give all then will the lord lead and guide us, then will we become instruments in Gods hands, we must give up 1) our pride. stop think about yourself, it will only cause you to struggle, look beyond yourself and i promise you will see the greatest blessings as you look to lift others, first you must be firmly planted then can you help others, be humble and follow Christ fully. 2) Unite as one, we are here to bring about Zion, if we cant be one the we simple arent the Lords, we must see each others as equals because we are, this will help with pride, then will we be filled with charity! “Pure love of Christ” because we see beyond the natural man and become sons and daughters of Christ to give God the glory. 3) be prepared to give it your all, whatever the Lord requires of you to sacrifice. this all comes from a talk called “Becoming the Pure in Heart”-Spencer W. Kimball i love this gospel, i know that the lord works with those that sanctify themselves and that we will overcome any barrier if we just trust in the Lord and “doubt not fear not”, i know Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson are prophets of the Lord and recieve revelation to help us.
the rest of the week was great, lots of meetings had to drive to Burien and back to my old area šŸ™‚ it was cool, i love training and serving my district, they are all great examples to me, im here sometimes to learn from them it feels like šŸ™‚ “L” is doing really well, still on track!!!!! “C” came on a church tour, with his girlfriend this time, and his roommate wants to know more also!!!!!!!!!Ā  Christmas was great oh how great a time to celebrate our Father and lord and Saviors greatest gift to us, John 3:16 “for God so loved the world”. hope all of your Christmas were amazing.


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