Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

The Tree of Life

(12 Jan. 2015)
Sad week number 2 😦 so Elder Owen went home on saturday (medical reasons), so im back with the zone leaders for 16 days, until transfers, my mission president told me to “get used to it”, I dont really know what that means but okay,  tripanionships arent my favorite thing, but i really do love the trials the Lord sends me, for sometimes what we suffer is what is needed to help us to learn and grow, i know the mission isn’t always easy, it never will be and cant be, it literally will require all that we have, we must be willing to give for the Lord, 🙂 so today i studied in 1 Nephi 8 the “tree of life” and i really caught the vision God has for his children and also why we have leaders and need them, the vision is eternal life, the goal is to get all of Gods children to it, the plan is the doctrine of Christ, the word of God, ect…. and accountability is thru the leaders, Lehi suffered also, it wasnt until he prayed for help that he found the tree, then when he partook of the fruit, (Love of God) he desired that all should partake, he saw many groups of people coming for it and many get lost because of the thick darkness. without faith our path will be dark, we will not be able to see the path, but after we start towards the tree of life, and hold to the rod (Word of God) like Lehi we will make it to the tree and partake of the fruit. Repentance keeps us at the rod, baptism is what puts us on the path, and without Holy Ghost to be a guide and aid, we would fail, because we would not become clean. As district leader i want to make sure my missionaries are truly converted so that they can truly become fruitful missionaries and be successful,  we all simply just invite others like Lehi to partake, that desire to do so comes as we start to partake of the love of God more in our lives, if we dont continue to live the doctrine of Christ then we stop progressing, then we can wonder off, even if we dont know that we have. may we all stay true to the faith, and hold to the rod, this is the path, at times  we must travel thru the darkness, but oh how lucky we are to have a Savior to provide the way for us, without his sacrifice we can become nothing, I know this church is true, we are all in this together and if we become one then will zion be established.
 “L” is still progressing to a baptism date on the 31st of this month!!!!!! she is ready, we dont even know what to teach, she has been taught everything! have some other people we found one of which is a potential from long before me, we stopped by and said we could come back, so i did by myself with a member, we tried to teach the restoration, they are both really open but kind of challenged us, they are seventh day adventists who have been challenged if there church is true in past, so now they have realized that something is different about mormons and want to learn more about Joseph Smith and his experience, they didnt come to church yet but said have no problem coming, so church tour next then hopefully church on Sunday!!!  still working with “C”,  all is well here in Seattle!!!

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