Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

(27 Jan. 2015)



So I have news for you, so transfers have come and they whitewashed us out of K4 and now im in Bothell stake Kenmore ward, Elder Stamos is my companion, he is from Sandy UT and has been out for 17 months, this morning we got leadership calls, and I have been called to serve as a zone leader. im a little sad because I love my last district, each member of it were great missionaries, and im excited to see where they go in there missions πŸ™‚ district leader for 2 transfers and have never interviewed anyone for baptism yet :l someday. I dont get to do “L”s interview because i have been teaching her, so elder Mills my old zone leader interviewed her. Elder Wolfleg is doing well, they whitewashed K4 again so now its 2 new missionaries again.
This past week has been a great week, my companion almost fell down the stairs! that was interesting, but he is okay πŸ™‚ we put a guy named “L” on date for the 28th of Feb. im super excited for [the other] “L”Β  she will be baptized on this coming saturday, I was going to baptize her but we both got transferred today, and now im out of the stake 😦 but thats okay I was able to watch the gospel change her life from when we found her tell now! im soooo excited to have been able to teach her! my “Father” Elder Wood just finished his mission today, thats weird.

Not much else to share for this week, but what i can share is my testimony. no matter how hard, no matter how tough, the atonement can really carry us thru anything we allow it to, we are not expected to do this alone, with the help of the Lord, we can do wonders for Him. it is my testimony that the gospel changes lives that it helps us in trials and that it is the way the Christ himself established, the gospel with sincere prayer really will help us apply the atonement and heal our souls, i have felt the Lords love thru my prayers and i know that he lives, i know that Heavenly Father lives and loves us, he always will, we must never forget him though. “i have not forsaken you, you have forsaken me”-Β  we must never forsake the Lord, or his divine help begins to become out of reach i testify as a missionary of the Lord that the gospel of Jesus Christ as restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith is the truth, he was and is a prophet, and the priesthood has been here ever sinse, and now Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. we judge them by their fruits, remember president Monson when he gave all that he was wearing to others, no bad tree can bring for good fruit, only a good tree can bring forth good fruit. I love you all and i love the Lord and know that he loves you.


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