Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

“Down is up”

(2 Feb. 2015)



 Now where do i begin, lets see, my first week as zone leader has been very busy, went to a very very spiritual MLC! (mission leadership council), I learned so much now I’m preparing to teach zone training (meeting) on friday. yesterday the Seahawks lost the superbowl, so we went out from 7-9 to deliver packages to the zone! i love each of the missionaries they are all great, we hit the pavement hard finding and found 8 new investigators and put 6 people on date for baptism for this month and next!!!!!!!! ‘”the work of God continues…..”-Kolob hymn. the people here are great.

My new companion is great he is a hard worker and we have fun with the Spirit! the people here are great i get to street contact and tract, I LOVE IT!!!!! so “L” HAS BEEN BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t be there but that’s ok, I got to teach her and i will never forget that, i will never forget the growth i have seen in so many people. you all too can recieve this joy, if you will all just strip your fears from you and do the work, I’m not saying that you all fear, but i know there is something in everyone that makes us fear that hinders the work. the question we must ask ourselves is do i fear God or man? DO YOU LOVE HIM? if we do then why do we fear, with pure love there can be no fear, with fear there cannot be pure love… “for perfect love casteth out all fear”-1 John. may we all find these weak spots and take them to the lord, for do you remember why we have the trials? Ether 12:27 “i give unto men weakness that they may be humble” we are to recognize our weakness then trust in God and say like nephi ” i will go and do” then be obedient and trust and love him always!!! if we do we will be changed and shaped by his hands and our weakness becomes strength. i know that this is true, as i have trusted Christ fully and did his will my life changed forever, i have had my ups and downs, but the experiences i have had out weigh the downs 🙂 and now its time to continue up 🙂 and up “Down is up” Pirates of the Carebean. we go down so that we can rise up even higher, we must have this opposition or we can never grow.   i know that Christ is our savior, and he loves us, so does heavenly father. i know that the Book of Mormon is also Gods word it will help in these challanging times “feast upon them” they will lead us to God it is a record of the savior teaching his people, i love you all and know that God himself loves you.


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