Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

“Missions are forever”

(9 Feb 2015)

Week 2 of being a Zone Leader was great, we taught a zone meeting on pride, it was powerful, we went on some 5-7pm mini exchanges with some elders in the district, and went on a full exchange with another set of elders a few days ago! its some fun stuff!!! I love serving them and helping them, so today we felt that every missionary including ourselves need to repent of something holding us back. If we truly have faith filled with gratitude and humbly repent the work will continue to grow, now for all of you this is the same, may we all look upon repentance and trials with gratitude for if we do we will grow. the love of God is strong and you will feel it again (if you dont now) or you will feel it stronger as you continue to repent, he will change you with his own hands, God is the gardener, realize his cuttings are to help us to become what we are meant to become, someone we cant become with out him. Moroni 10:32 come unto Christ and be perfected in him and DENY YOURSELVES OF ALL UNGODLINESS. repentance is a stepping stone to happiness. Heavenly Father wants us to learn and grow, “today I obey, tomorrow I understand”.

Now back to the work, members are great in the ward they love and help us and the zone out a lot. So this past sunday, we were invited by president Choi to be on a panel in stake conference, in which we were asked questions about the work of salvation and how the members can help us, it was really fun and this conference was one of the most powerful conferences I have been to, besides some past mission conferences, the spirit is just so refreshing 🙂 on exchanges me and elder stone put 3 new people on date and found 5 investigators all between 5-7pm that night, the Lord works miracles to those that put there hearts into serving him, whatever way that may be. oh and Elder Stamos and I ran into this lady, who after we said a prayer for her, she said “now im going to give you the purest form of love” then she spoke in what sounded like the language of the Elves from lord of the rings and from 17 Again!!! then said “this is the greatest love, in which we have together” then walked away :l the assistants came by and Elder Ashby who was my mtc companion is one of the assistants! 🙂 we got dumped on by rain but thats normal. and yeah thats my last week, next should be great.

always remember the atonement and the blessing of forgiveness to those that repent, may we all do so daily 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALL!


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